Sunday, January 19, 2020

REVIEW: 'Sex Education' - New Female Friendships Form as Otis Deals with the Fallout of a Destructive Night in 'Episode 7'

Netflix's Sex Education - Episode 2.07 "Episode 7"

Welcome to the morning after, "Sex kid" has made a huge mess - and just can't stop barfing. Chaos comes to class, and in detention, the girls bond.

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"Episode 7" was written by Laurie Nunn and directed by Ben Taylor

The previous episode featured Otis at his absolute worst. It's understandable why both Maeve and Ola want nothing to do with him now. He is still fairly awful in this episode as well. He destroyed his house and just leaves the mess behind for Jean to clean up. He feels the burden to go to school. Moreover, her entire professional reputation is in disarray at Moordale because he was so insecure and had to steal her notes. She has no idea how her private therapy notes were released to the students. And yet, they create a fair amount of drama. Olivia learns that her boyfriend is actually 15-years-old. She could be charged with statutory rape. No one had any idea. That comes to the surface now though because Jean was intrigued by the various details of the sexual lives of these teenagers. She tried her best to help them. However, she is furious with Otis for selling sex advice to his peers. She finds his money. She goes to Jakob for advice on how to handle that situation. But she is too personally devastated by him saying that she isn't ready for the intimate relationship he wants. She doesn't actually talk to her son about what has been going on in his life. She believes she has created this open and loving atmosphere where any question will be respected and answered. She is only now starting to realize that she has created a monster who may have made the lives of his classmates much worse. It was necessary for Moordale to provide better sex education. That is blatantly obvious is so many schools around the world. Sex and relationships are complicated. There are so many details that are constantly in motion that hit at a person's insecurities and vulnerabilities. Eric is more than willing to say that he loves Rahim. And yet, his mother doesn't see him sparkle when he is with him. That can be incredibly devastating. It may also be setting up the inevitable twist that Eric will embrace what he could potentially have with Adam even though he remains without direction at the moment. Whenever Adam feels like he is catching a break and building something new, it quickly gets pulled away from him. He blows this new job because he doesn't know how to lock up correctly at the end of the day. That is devastating and is likely to create even more destruction. Meanwhile, Otis fears what happened when he had sex with Ruby. He wakes up to discover that it has happened and the condom is potentially missing. That means he spends the day with her trying to purchase the morning after pill and doing the responsible thing. That story wants to articulate that he is still a genuine and caring guy. This encounter was mostly just something that happened instead of something that both of them genuinely wanted. It means the fantasy of losing his virginity is crushed for Otis. It wasn't with someone special whom he loved. He lost that opportunity with Ola and Maeve. And now, he continues to withhold information from Jean. He is responsible in so many ways. However, he makes bad and reckless decisions as well. Jean may look at him and see Remi's lies now. That is devastating and proves just how little tolerance she'll have for him moving forward. That will mark a significant change. Meanwhile, the scandal at the school brings the girls together. Female friendship can't be forced. Even Miss Sands knows that it is an impossible task for these girls to make a presentation talking about what unites them. And yet, it fosters an open and frank conversation about unwanted sexual advances by men. This group of women have already been traumatized by men who think they have control over their bodies. It's gross and disgusting. It's absolutely demeaning as well. But they are all there to help Aimee get through this difficult time. They understand in a way that Steve doesn't. That doesn't make him bad either. It's just highlighting the importance of friendship and being able to check in with people who actually care about you and can understand what's going on. So much of this series is about the power of communication. That breaks down in so many significant ways. People choose to withhold information for silly reasons. And yet, honest conversations can strengthen relationships. It doesn't just have to be sexual either. Jackson has long feared telling his moms the truth about wanting to quit swimming. When he does so here, it's a burden being lifted off his shoulders and potentially fixing this family from dealing with all the pressure they constantly put on themselves. Of course, it's also destructive when Maeve confronts her own mother over lying about going to work every day. She receives that information and will give her mother another opportunity. But that may just be setting up a finale in which many of these relationships are pushed to their breaking points in ways that could dramatically shake up the formula of the show. That melodrama motivation is a little more obvious here than in previous episodes. As such, the seams are showing about how obstacles need to be thrown in front of the characters to ensure they once again have to make serious decisions about their ongoing relationships. They have to decide whether or not they can continue the way they have been living given some of the destructive consequences involved. It's wonderful that Ola and Lily become more than just friends. That should be celebrated. It will just be curious if others receive that same moment and if it comes across as rewarding when it does.