Friday, January 3, 2020

REVIEW: 'Spinning Out' - Kat Tries to Bounce Back From Her Setback While Earning the Trust of Her Loved Ones in '#1 Mom'

Netflix's Spinning Out - Episode 1.09 "#1 Mom"

Kat's episode brings destructive fallout for Marcus and Justin. Carol and Mitch contemplate a big step, and Serena exposes a secret about Kat's fall.

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"#1 Mom" was written by Lara Olsen and directed by Matt Hastings

At the start of the season, Kat voiced concerns about Mitch being inappropriate with Serena. She thought he was a predator who shouldn't be around her teenage sister. It was truly startling how quickly the show moved him away from that position and into being Carol's love interest. Carol was aware of how Kat felt and even had worries herself. All of that quickly faded away. However, it still forms the basis for the big twist that occurs here with Serena. It feels like a twist that was only formed in this episode though. It hasn't been something that was subtly hinted at throughout the season. But now, it's treated as a big reveal that Serena has been having an ongoing sexual relationship with Dr. Parker. That is wildly inappropriate and actually criminal. He is an older man abusing a young woman in his care. He has been seen throughout the season providing medical guidance for the various skaters. He is the one who told Jenn that she would never skate again. He asks her out on a date here in order to maintain some influence in her life. That's how controlling he wants to be over the women who visit his office. He feels a sense of ownership over them even though Jenn should move on to physical therapy in the hopes of sorting her life out. It's not charming when he asks her out at the end of their appointment. She has the right reaction immediately by being thrown by the suggestion and walking away. She reconsiders though mostly because she realizes that she shouldn't remain so steadfast in her jealousy of Justin and Kat. That shouldn't prevent her from embracing something potentially good and healthy in her life. It just happens to be with a predator who is manipulating Serena. All of that has been happening without anyone noticing. Carol and Kat have their own problems wherein Serena feels like she can never be in the spotlight herself. She accepts that her mother and sister will always have this disease. As such, they will always be acting crazy around her. It's difficult for her to stand out. In this relationship, she feels special. That's what she wants. Dr. Parker has just taken advantage of that desire in order to appease his own selfish and despicable needs. Serena wants her performance at sectionals to be the big event. However, everyone is more concerned with what's going on in their own careers and lives. That's not inherently selfish. Serena just perceives it as such because she doesn't understand why the secrecy needs to be so prominent in her family. Carol believes that no one can ever truly accept someone who has bipolar disorder. Kat may eventually prove her wrong by sharing her secret with everyone she has hurt this season as a result of her reckless decision. She is willing to own up to her mistakes and ensure that no one else suffers as a result. She doesn't want Justin's relationship with his father to be forever ruined because he is trying to protect her and this secret. Of course, she still feels personally motivated into performing at sectionals. That is probably a massive mistake especially when Carol notes it's the same place where she had the fall that almost ended her life. In turn, that sets up the revelation that Carol was experiencing her own manic episode at the time and is the reason why Kat felt the pressure to perform a move she hadn't trained for. That's the destruction that is all too frequent in this family. Kat hopes to break the pattern. She conveniently says that she doesn't remember most of what happened during her mania. She can't easily forget that. The narrative can't either. It can't all be magically fixed through her writing these personal messages. It's a strong first step to establishing trust once more. Everyone appreciates that. But again, Justin was vulnerable with her in a way he never expected. As a result, he can't skate with her the same way that they have been. They have to learn how to be with each other on the ice again. That means it's foolish to believe they could come out of nowhere to win. And yet, the finale still needs to produce something dramatic. It should be fascinating to see what that is especially if it means someone is there to protect Serena from the abuse that is clearly happening to her.