Sunday, February 16, 2020

REVIEW: 'Batwoman' - Kate Must Decide Whether to Save Alice or Beth From Dying in 'Take Your Choice'

The CW's Batwoman - Episode 1.12 "Take Your Choice"

As Kate is pulled between two sisters, Luke and Mary are tasked with finding the cause behind Beth's debilitating headaches. A visitor delivers some good news to Jacob. Sophie takes her new role to the extreme. Alice makes a devastating discovery.

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"Take Your Choice" was written by Ebony Gilbert and directed by Tara Miele

Kate got to reunite with her sister. She got to experience what she wanted more than anything else in the world. It is just tragically taken away from her once more. That is inherently agonizing and heart-wrenching. It produces the most emotionally earned and earnest episode of the series to date. It's a dreadful choice on Kate's part to decide which version of her sister gets to live. With Beth, she found the sister she always wanted to have even though her presence brought up her feelings of guilt that she should have done more to save her in the past. With Alice, she is horrified by the monstrous personality she has become and the fear she has continually stoked in Gotham. When Beth learns that Kate is Batwoman, she sees it as a courageous action. This Earth is different from hers. And yet, Kate will always remain her hero no matter what. That is at the root of this entire story. Beth has tremendous empathy towards the decision Kate has to make. She understands how torn her sister must be feeling in this moment. She even understands why she may want to save Alice. That stands in sharp contrast to how Alice views the situation. She refuses to believe that Kate could even entertain the notion of saving someone else. Beth came from another universe. She isn't the sister Kate grew up with and yearned to reconnect with for her entire life. That version of her now presents as Alice. She is someone who wants to form that bond once more no matter how horrified Kate is by the drastic actions Alice has taken. This isn't a choice that Kate wants to make. She wants her friends to come up with a solution to ensure that lives can be saved without having to make it. A solution is eventually found. One that ensures that a person is saved instead of one having to be killed. Mary just happens to be immune from all known diseases because of the poison and its antidote Alice previously injected her with. That trauma allows Mary to find her fighting spirit as well. She pushes back against Alice's demands to ensure that this villain doesn't take even more aware from her. In Mary's mind, the decision is quite easy. Alice doesn't deserve to survive. Beth is a major improvement who will further enhance the lives of the Kane family. Mary has another opportunity to be loved by a sister. She just understands that it is Kate's choice to make. She too has to accept whatever happens next. And in the end, Kate does decide to save Beth. She gives her the cure and immediately races off to be with Alice. That sibling bond has been so complex and complicated throughout the season. It is one of near constant disaster and despair. However, love is still present. In that seemingly final moment, all of their guards are let down. They embrace as sisters once more. Kate can't allow Alice's reign of terror to continue. But she doesn't want her to be alone while she's dying. She saved a sister in the hopes of creating a better future. That is just tragically taken away from her because no one at large understands the plight she faces throughout this hour. The Crows still wield an extreme amount of control over this city. All it takes is Sophie's order for roadblocks and checkpoints to be established. Gotham has essentially become a police state. It's a vast overreach of power. One that presents Sophie as a toxic person. She may not be beyond redemption because she refuses to take the shot when she has Alice in her crosshairs. And yet, there is always danger to Beth when she is out in public. Dr. Campbell shoots and kills her believing he has exacted his revenge on Alice for taking his son away from him. He too believes he is getting justice. It just means Beth dies and Alice immediately comes back to life. In that instance, all of the vulnerabilities are lost and Alice once again lashes out at Kate. This is the moment where she too may view Kate as beyond salvaging any kind of relationship they want to have. They can never be what they once were. Kate has lost that entirely. That is devastating and ensures that the need to be courageous and noble may be more difficult now than ever before because of how destructive the world has become following Crisis.