Tuesday, February 4, 2020

REVIEW: 'Black Lightning' - The Pierce Family Must Work with the ASA to Save Lynn in 'The Book of Markovia: Chapter Three'

The CW's Black Lightning - Episode 3.12 "The Book of Markovia: Chapter Three: Motherless Id"

Jefferson and Anissa join forces with the ASA to help one of their own. Meanwhile, Lynn is forced to continue battling her demons.

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"The Book of Markovia: Chapter Three: Motherless Id" was written by Adam Giaudrone & Lynelle White and directed by Bille Woodruff

It was only an episode ago when the Pierce family and the ASA were targeting each other. And now, they find that they have to rally their resources together after Lynn and Tobias have been taken by the Markovians. Again, that threat has remained very vague. It's only now coming to prominence. It feels like a force that can unify the various fractions. Jefferson is personally motivated because he can't let anything more happen to Lynn. She is still in the throes of addiction. She refuses to believe that she has even become an addict. She doubts that it was a choice forced onto her by Agent Odell as well. The Markovian general knowing that teases that there is a mole operating within the ASA. The organization has already failed to be completely trustworthy. In general, the audience should be wary about anyone who has now teamed up with Jefferson and company in order to save Lynn. Sergeant Grayle wasn't taken despite being there with Lynn and Tobias. He may not have served a purpose to the Markovians. He may have just been left behind to deliver the message of what happened. That's how Jefferson and Anissa learn that Lynn has been taken. It's a tricky situation. One where this episode could feel like it is all buildup. It's assembling a team to head to Markovia in order to mount this rescue mission. Major Grey is more than willing to make some concessions to Jefferson as well. He successfully negotiates the expunging of all records the ASA has on the people he brings in on this. That applies mostly to Gambi, who is operating out in the open more frequently as of late believing that the target has been removed from his back. It hasn't but he doesn't have time to deal with that now. But Grey may only make this deal with the Pierce family because she has her own asset in the field who will ensure her priorities are meant. She programs Maryam with a chip and the order to kill Lynn should the mission be compromised in any way. That is setting up a dangerous future where some tough choices may have to be made. They already have been though. This has been a season of occupation. The ASA has confined Freeland. And now, these heroes are leaving their home behind in order to wage the battle behind enemy lines to rescue one of their own. That's what the priorities have become for them. Jefferson was once completely willing to abandon Lynn in her time of need to help rescue the children abused by this occupying force. Anissa questions why he made that choice. Similarly, Jennifer wants to know why her entire family lied to her about Khalil still being alive. She views them as keeping this secret because they didn't think she could handle it. They doubted that Khalil even still existed. They only saw Painkiller. But now, Jennifer is able to bring her boyfriend back to life. With TC's help, she can dive into the chip implanted into his mind and ensure that he is behind the wheel of his own life once more. Of course, that comes with the crushing realization of the damage he has caused this season. People may be able to persuade against those dark impulses because it wasn't him making those choices. It was this program that was put into him. When he does come back to the surface though, he remains equipped with the lethal poison as well as all the information Odell gave him. So, Painkiller remains a part of him. That is devastating. It makes him feel like he is no longer fit to live in this world. That's a burden that crushes Jennifer all over again. She couldn't risk him dying after she found him once more. She wants to rebuild this connection. And yet, everyone may be heading off to Markovia for a new mission. She is determined to save Khalil no matter what it takes. She puts her own life in danger. She is rewarded for doing so. But Khalil returns as a changed man who may not be able to cope with everything that happened. His love for Jennifer is genuine. She saves his life. It just may be an absolutely torturous life at the moment because of the inability to connect with anyone in a physical way whatsoever.