Thursday, February 20, 2020

REVIEW: 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' - Jake Gets Insanely Competitive to Prove He Is Still Immature in 'The Jimmy Jab Games II'

NBC's Brooklyn Nine-Nine - Episode 7.04 "The Jimmy Jab Games II"

Competitive juices are flowing as Jake and the squad compete in the second Jimmy Jab Games.

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"The Jimmy Jab Games II" was written by Vanessa Ramos and directed by Neil Campbell

It was early on in the second season when Brooklyn Nine-Nine first introduced the Jimmy Jab Games. It was yet another way to highlight just how competitive this squad can be. However, it hasn't been an annual tradition like the Halloween Heist. This is only the second time the squad has competed in this way across the series. As such, the audience may have to remember what the exact circumstances that created the first Jimmy Jab Games were. It's easy to follow along though because the rules are clear and concise. There is a refresher that once again examines what needs to happen in order for the squad to be motivated into competing in this way. It has to be a shift where they have nothing to do while the commanding officer is out of the precinct. In this case, that happens to be Terry. Amy is suppose to go with him but sticks around because of the reckless decision Jake has made. That provides this episode with its hook. It's clear that the creative team wanted to produce another episode devoted to the Jimmy Jab Games. It just had to have the right story to it. Here, the narrative is allowed to analyze just how much the characters have matured across the series. With the Halloween Heist, it's become expected that every member of the precinct goes insane just to prove that they are the greatest human slash genius. There aren't the same expectations and standards when it comes to these games. As such, the argument is put forth that Jake is no longer as immature as he once was which causes him to promptly freak out. He once stood opposed to authority figures and their constant lectures about behavior in the workplace. And now, he is no longer that person. His personal story this season is trying to have a baby with Amy after all. Plus, he is still immature in a lot of ways as Amy points out through how he changes batteries. It's easy for him and everyone to assume that he accepts this bet with Hitchcock because he needs to prove that he is still the same fun-loving guy he was all those years ago. He may also want to believe that a year of no paperwork would be beneficial for the life he is trying to build with Amy. This story does put their romance on the forefront. Amy may constantly be upset with him and how immature he is. And yet, love is still present. They have that compassion and understanding. Amy will sacrifice herself in the games to ensure that Jake survives and thrives. Again, it comes at a great personal cost. The narrative may be pointing out that it's not healthy for anyone to be putting themselves through all of this. They may work in a disgusting environment. They can use these games as a way to craft difficult challenges. However, it's mostly just to highlight how ridiculous it all is. Jake is getting hurt because of the rules. Yes, the precinct may be crumbling around him. However, he is the one having to deal with that cost. Even someone like Hitchcock is harmed by all of this. It's a nice change up to see Jake and Hitchcock as the central competitors. It allows the disgust to be at the forefront of the challenges while giving Jake a personal reason to win. He ultimately does. That is rewarding. But it also requires that sacrifice. Everyone essentially has to be willing to put his health in danger in order to win. That is dangerous and reckless. Jake isn't the only one who embraced that mentality. Rosa and Holt ultimately walk away from the games because they understand that some things are more important. Rosa is devastated by her recent breakup and Holt supports her enough as a friend to do something that is absolutely excruciating to him. Moreover, Charles wants to believe that he is supporting the newcomer to the squad, Debbie. However, he may create a dangerous individual who will break all of the rules at the precinct in order to do whatever she wants. That's an ominous final image that once again proves that there are serious consequences to the potential lackadaisical hijinks the squad gets into. What happens next will be very exciting and precarious even though it will likely get Holt out of being a uniformed officer sooner than expected because of whatever happens with his new partner.