Tuesday, February 4, 2020

REVIEW: 'Schitt's Creek' - The Town's Red Carpet for the Crows Movie Creates Another Viral Moment in 'Crows Premiere'

Pop's Schitt's Creek - Episode 6.05 "Crows Premiere"

Alexis plans a local premiere for the Crows movie and everyone in town wants to make an appearance on the red carpet. David tends to Patrick after getting his wisdom teeth removed, and Patrick announces some unexpected ideas in his slightly-sedated state. After her short-lived stint with Larry Air, Stevie makes a big career decision.

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"Crows Premiere" was written by David West Read and directed by Andrew Cividino

Moira finally has an opportunity to wear her premiere dress. She didn't actually return it like she promised she would. Instead, she opted to send back one of Alexis' dresses without telling her. She even gets to wear this gown during a red carpet for the Crows movie. As such, everything can still line up to the narrative she once envisioned for this movie. It has become such a passion project for her because it provides her with a sense of legitimacy as an actor once more. She needs this to go well. She doesn't want to prop up expectations with a premiere event because she knows just how dire the reviews can sink a project. That may not matter as much as it used to with the advent of streaming services that can swoop in for these projects and not have to release the numbers of viewers afterwards. That may be a blessing for Moira because she can say this movie is a success no matter what. All it takes is one person saying something nice about it for her spirits to be lifted. That is vital to her. She gets excited about this event that Alexis throws together at the last minute. At first, the family was very much against it. In the end, it may be the second disaster that Alexis has a publicist for the family this season. Her mother trusts her to handle that element of her career. This movie does require those publicity skills. However, it first led to the live streaming of Moira talking about David's bed wetting. And now, it leads to a viral video in which actual crows are seen attacking the guests at the red carpet in Schitt's Creek. That is so outrageous. It was the specific detail that Alexis saw as adding to the mood of this event. It was something she could provide that was special and unique to the occasion. Roland even had a connection to someone who could provide her with these animals. She can pull this event together very quickly. That is a huge accomplishment. However, it may only be notable for the disaster that happens outside the building. Once the audience is inside actually watching the film, it doesn't matter what they actually think of its quality. That too can be a searing comment on the value of the overall movie going experience. Roland and Ronnie are excited to get dressed up and walk the red carpet. Others do it solely out of obligation to Moira. It's a mixed reaction. But it's still a victory for Moira. She may be able to escape the crows. But she also believes she has a strong connection to the animals and can help everyone emerge from this safely. That power belongs to her. She hopes this will be good press. It may not mean anything in the end. It just continues to showcase how dysfunctional the family remains despite the improvements they've made in their lives. Stevie is even willing to trust Johnny's instincts completely. She values him as a business partner. She may not want to discuss Roland joining the motel venture as well. However, she respects that Johnny gave her the space to explore her other options and was even willing to buy her out at a reasonable rate. He values the qualities she brings to the business. That is so much more than opening files on the computer as well. These two understand each other and respect what the other brings to the partnership. Stevie felt like she no longer had control over her life and what she was capable of achieving. However, the motel has been her home for a long time. She doesn't believe that now is the time to give up on that especially when she trusts Johnny to successfully grow the business to the next level. The Rose family was always dependent on what Johnny could do to turn around their misfortunes. And now, Stevie completely trusts him as well to ensure that her future looks bright. That respect is present in such a meaningful and rewarding way. Meanwhile, it's just playful to watch as David takes care of Patrick after having his wisdom teeth removed. Sure, it still inspires an important conversation between them. The decision on whether or not to have children is something couples should absolutely have before getting married. It's always frustrating when sitcoms don't address that until after the weddings. Here, it does somewhat feel like Patrick giving up that aspect of what he wanted. But he also has so much more love with David than he ever expected in his life. David brought something new out of him. He is so grateful as a result. He couldn't be happier. He may view David as being a great father. David doesn't agree with him. But it never feels like tension that could break them apart or a discussion that should linger much longer. It may be an ongoing conversation. But neither of them allow it to prevent them from enjoying the pain pills when faced with the premiere of the Crows movie. That's how they would rather see it instead of being enthusiastically supportive no matter what. It's funny while still sentimental as well. That's always the blend of storytelling that this show strives to achieve and does so well a lot of the time.