Tuesday, February 25, 2020

REVIEW: 'Schitt's Creek' - Alexis Makes a Huge Decision While Johnny and Moira Enjoy the New Motel in 'The Presidential Suite'

Pop's Schitt's Creek - Episode 6.08 "The Presidential Suite"

Johnny and Moira treat themselves to a night in the Presidential Suite at the new motel, but soon discover other people had the same intention. Alexis is pleasantly surprised by a visitor but struggles with the news they've unloaded. David and Patrick ready themselves for their engagement photoshoot.

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"The Presidential Suite" was written by David West Read and directed by Andrew Cividino

Alexis and Ted publicly declared their love for one another. It took a lot of hard work for them to get to that point too. They had to improve themselves in order to get to a place where a relationship between them would be healthy and beneficial. They helped each other on that journey long before the romance blossomed. It has been such a powerful character story to watch. It had the new struggle of distance between them in this final season. The premiere had Alexis with every intention of heading to the Galapagos Islands to be with Ted once more. That was the plan. She never went though. Instead, she got distracted by technical difficulties and her own burgeoning career. These two have so much love for each other. They have missed each other all season long. That makes it so shocking and rewarding to see Ted standing just outside the motel room door to be with Alexis again. It may only be for a short time but they can spend it together for the first time in awhile. However, that is only masking a serious conversation that they need to have. Their lives may be heading in two separate directions because of the dreams they have for themselves. The work Ted is doing in the Galapagos is his dream job. Alexis doesn't always understand it. And yet, he is happy to be living out his dream even though he is sad upon realizing that Alexis would hate it there. He has that clarity. He also knows how devastating it would be if he extended his contract for three more years. That would place a huge burden on this relationship. Alexis doesn't want to stand in his way though. She wants him to have every opportunity to follow his dreams. She just knows that she can't move her entire life to only be supportive of him. Her dreams are just as valid and rewarding. As such, this episode ends with the two of them breaking up. It's such a heartbreaking moment. It's a twist that comes out of the different paths they are exploring in life. They have helped each other in some profound ways. They don't want this relationship to end. However, they have the clarity necessary to understand that this work was beneficial and that they both have bright futures. They may cherish this bond forever. It can't hold them back from chasing after their dreams. That just means it comes to an end here. It's a difficult decision for Alexis. When she first arrived in this town, Ted was so quickly enamored and charmed by her. She recalls that fondly. She still has to make the right decision in this instance though. She can't just selfishly force something onto someone she loves. Then that would backfire on her just like it does when David wants Patrick to look more tan for their wedding pictures. That is a simple gesture done for selfish reasons. In the end, a perfect compromise is found with Stevie being able to take perfectly candid shots in the apartment later that night. Again, every action doesn't have to come at the expense of any of these couples. This episode just features the end for one of them. That sacrifice is made. It shows how the characters and stories continue to evolve. Moira is still holding onto the goal of one day getting out of Schitt's Creek. She looks at the new motel as a step in the right direction. It has bigger rooms. She can enjoy that space. It immediately feels like progress. She can imagine a better life instead of what has been the case for the last few years in the motel. It's a dream she holds onto. And yet, Moira and Johnny have to give up the room to Roland and Jocelyn because they need it more. They are the couple actually struggling because of the financial burden of this situation. Empathy has to exist amongst these characters. Yes, they can be isolated a lot of the time. Johnny doesn't want to be far from his children ever again. David and Alexis were adults at the start of the series. However, they have matured and are capable of making strong decisions by themselves. They don't need to live so close to their parents. That would be a dramatic change. The series evolves in that way. But Alexis will also need her family and friends to help process what has happened and to find the best way forward. It's a decision she is content with at the moment. It will still be hard no matter what especially at a time when David and Patrick will be openly celebrating their love through the wedding planning.