Tuesday, March 10, 2020

REVIEW: '9-1-1: Lone Star' - Michelle Deals with the Full Truth About What Happened to Her Sister in 'Austin, We Have a Problem'

FOX's 9-1-1: Lone Star - Episode 1.10 "Austin, We Have a Problem"

Michelle learns the full truth about her missing sister, Iris.

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"Austin, We Have a Problem" was written by Rashad Raisani & Tim Minear and directed by Bradley Buecker

A person can't make someone do something they don't want to do. Only in situations that place that person or the people around them in harm's way can that decision be made. Owen walks away with that clarity at the conclusion of this season. The entire 126 team believes that TK is a firefighter through and through. When they look at him, they see a brother on the job. They know that he belongs in this profession. This is his calling. And yet, the previous hour established some doubts. He feared he entered this profession just to have his father as an important figure in his life. He wasn't actually controlling what was happening to him. That indecisiveness could then fuel his addiction and intimacy problems. But there is also a profound amount of catharsis when he comes to the same decision that everyone else saw plainly. He is a firefighter. There is no disputing that. When an accident happens right in front of him, he runs into the danger to save as many lives as he can. He fears that he is powerless because he doesn't have the proper tools to save the trapped bus driver. But he is also reassured when the 126 arrives to save the day. He can place his complete trust in them. He knows that this woman won't die. He kept her alive and knows that his team will do the same. He will prioritize the health of others over his own. The stitches of his gunshot wound open up. That doesn't matter to him. It's an easy fix. It's more important to save this life. That brings things into context for him. Every first responder may have found this calling through a moment like that. Some emergency shaped their lives and opened the possibility for them to serve their community in this way. Owen and TK are still adjusting to the realities of living in Austin, Texas. They have had a season of growth so far. And yet, they are still fairly new to the city. Michelle's pursuit of her sister is the only season-long storyline that finds any true amount of closure in this hour. Everything else was seen in small doses to entertain the audience along the way. The show built up the camaraderie of the cast. That way it feels moving when something major happens to them and they have to rely on each other for support. They can then provide that same comfort to total strangers who may not survive the emergencies they find themselves in. Owen is more than comfortable going in for the daring rescue and being able to jump out of an airplane at the last second to survive. But Grace is just as heroic by providing an astronaut with that final conversation he can have with his wife and daughter. She makes that happen. It's difficult and emotional. It's a service to humanity that showcases the bonds that connect us are so much stronger than those that divide us. That's the honor and joy of being a first responder. TK can return to the 126 proudly knowing this is where he belongs even though it's difficult for him to open up about being an addict. He wants to rely on his team. He knows that he can now. He can also place that trust in his relationship with Carlos. They can actually start opening up to one another in a way that strengthens their connection. These characters have so much love that they can spread through the world. As such, their stories have to be celebrated over and over again. They rise up no matter what. It's difficult for Michelle and her mother to let Iris return to living on the streets. But they have to keep that connection open and available to hopefully encourage something better for the future. Iris may have kept her distance from Michelle. But that relationship still means something to her. When Michelle is in danger, Iris will protect her. Michelle can offer her sister that support now as well. She got these answers. It's a better ending than she ever could have predicted. That's sweet and ensures that the season ends on a more positive note that highlights how life can always improve no matter how traumatic or dire some situations seem. It just requires the love and support of the people around you.