Tuesday, March 10, 2020

REVIEW: 'Schitt's Creek' - Moira's Latest Acting Project Prompts Her to Ask for What She Deserves in 'Sunrise, Sunset'

Pop's Schitt's Creek - Episode 6.10 "Sunrise, Sunset"

Moira's former Sunrise Bay producers show up with big news, while Alexis binge-watches old episodes of the soap and discovers some dirt. Alexis gives Moira advice on how to proceed, leaving Moira feeling conflicted. Meanwhile, the new motel is proving to be a money pit for Johnny and he's worried about paying for David's undoubtedly lavish catering bill for the wedding.

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"Sunrise, Sunset" was written by Kurt Smeaton & Winter Tekenos-Levy and directed by Jordan Canning

With the Crows movie doing well, it's no wonder that Moira is starting to field offers for other projects. Her strong determination pulled that project together. It still may not be impressive enough to bring her incredibly dazzling roles. But it's enough for her to be in the news and for the Sunrise Bay producers to think about bringing the show back as a primetime series. That is an offer she wasn't expecting at all. This story serves as a strong showcase for actors knowing their worth and being firm in negotiating those terms with people who want to work with them. During the original run of the show, Moira's male co-star had all the power. She was delighted because of all the insane things she got to do. Every mention of Sunrise Bay across the series to date has made it sound absolutely ridiculous. And yet, crazy and illogical shows can absolutely work. So long as they have an internal sense of logic and consistency, they can be fun to consume. Alexis basically spends all her time in bed watching old episodes. She and David question every single creative choice made. They don't know how it all tracks in a way that brings everything together but they remain captivated nevertheless. That is the appeal of this show. It may cause bodily harm. And yet, it can be a soaring story for Moira once more. She can return to this project as the star with the most present-day relevance. However, she wasn't the first call the producer made when trying to mount this reboot. Instead, he once again reached out to the male actor who always had power and control over the project. Moira was never listened to in that way. And now, she is forced to address the fact that she was humiliated in the way that her character was killed off simply because of the fragile male ego of her leading man. Everyone wants to dismiss it on his past addictions and horrible behavior. However, he is still drinking. He hasn't fundamentally changed. Moira has. She knows that she is the one who will determine whether or not this project gets made. As such, she is empowered to ask for everything she deserves. She should have creative control over what happens to her character and the story that unfolds on the soap. It may come across as petty revenge against the real circumstances of what happened all those years ago. But it's what she stands for and she should be respected for doing so. In the end, she doesn't get that. The producers don't agree to her terms. That's perfectly fine too. She didn't have to degrade herself just in order to make a living as an actress. She may still be living in Schitt's Creek. This role could have carried her to a better life once more. But she has more dignity than that. Alexis helps her see that, which is also encouraging to her following her breakup with Ted. Alexis has the insight to make the world a better place even when she is just stuck in her bed. That makes her a powerful force to have in Moira's corner. Elsewhere, Stevie didn't know what she wanted for her life at the start of the final season. And now, she is quoting Johnny's advice back to him in order to help their growing business. He fears that the expansion plans happened too quickly and will lead to financial ruin. Stevie's plan in the end is risky because it involves buying even more properties. But it's also the kind of big thinking that will allow this partnership to thrive moving forward. It shows that Stevie has learned from Johnny while being completely committed to this partnership. She tries her best to help him when he feels down about not being able to help pay for David's wedding. She knows that David would understand eventually. It's just difficult because Johnny had these dreams about what he could provide for his family. And now, they aren't quite coming true. But that doesn't mean his current reality is depressing. It's just different and rewarding in its own ways. That too is quite inspiring. He has always viewed himself as the provider for the family. Moira, Alexis and David are more than capable enough on their own as well. Schitt's Creek has become home for this family. They may strive for more but that comes from expanding these personal relationships and relying on them for support no matter what happens next.