Tuesday, March 17, 2020

REVIEW: 'Schitt's Creek' - Johnny, Moira and Alexis Are Distracted While Trying to Celebrate David and Patrick in 'The Bachelor Party'

Pop's Schitt's Creek - Episode 6.11 "The Bachelor Party"

The Roses aren't thrilled to be roped into the Escape Room portion of David and Patrick's bachelor party, but they put on a brave face. However, their participation wanes as their personal dilemmas come to a head. Johnny anxiously awaits an important business call, Alexis questions her future, and Moira second-guesses her decision about the reboot.

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"The Bachelor Party" was written by David West Read and directed by Andrew Cividino

Does the Rose family belong in Schitt's Creek? That has long been the profound and foundational question of the series. They have long worked to escape their current circumstances. They have been in this town for years though. Moreover, they failed in the outside world. They were so destructive and corrosive when they had lives of luxury and excess. They were horrible human beings. It has taken years for them to break down those barriers from engaging in life. And now, they have potentially rewarding lives again. That could all disappear in an instant once they leave this town. But Schitt's Creek could also be seen as a safety net for them. A place where they know exactly what to expect and can enjoy that comfort. It's a place that won't challenge them. Of course, they have shown so much emotional growth because they were forced to confront how they operated in the past. They understand what is trivial and beneath them. They understand their value in the world. Moira was more than ready to put her foot down when it came to negotiating her contract for the potential Sunrise Bay reboot that may or may not star Nicole Kidman. She knew that her sign off on the project was what would guarantee its future. The producers ultimately chose to walk away. And now, she is the one doubting whether or not that was the right decision. She has to be respected though. Yes, the diamond bracelet was unnecessary in her demands. The rest wasn't though. Her only career prospect now is doing voiceover work for Larry Airline - the horrendous airplane company Stevie briefly worked for earlier this season. Moira has this independence and also the strength of knowing exactly who she is no matter who might come along to question it. Meanwhile, Alexis is full of doubts. She has a very active and demanding client in her mother. She is seemingly always putting fires out for Moira. She booked this gig and helps her get out of it. It isn't worthy of Moira's skillset. Alexis sees that only after agreeing to the job and showing up in the recording studio. She at least has the instincts to know what's good and productive. She knows when to make a clean break. Sure, she may mourn her breakup with Ted and wonder if it was actually the right thing to do. But that comes with the clarity that she could have a world of possibilities should she expand her business outside of Schitt's Creek. This town has been nice and pleasant for her. But she has the wisdom to thrive wherever she may end up. It may be horrifying how she has collected all of this knowledge across the years. But she knows exactly how to perform when the situation requires it. When that fire is ignited, no one is capable of stopping her. As such, she should receive nothing but support when it comes to potentially leaving. It may be a scary prospect because she would be leaving the security of her family. No matter how much they annoy her, she has come to rely on them during her years in this town. They can count on her too. When Johnny makes it known that he is expecting this important business call, Alexis solves the escape room puzzle. It's so much fun to see this competitive side from Patrick. David gets caught up in it all too. That is a blast. But again, Alexis is the one who is relied upon in order to get to the phone just outside the room. Just because Johnny missed his former assistant's call doesn't mean the offer has passed him by either. This may continue to be a lucrative business opportunity for him, Stevie and Roland. They can franchise Rosebud Motel. That is so exciting. But again, it comes with the question of how long this family will be staying in Schitt's Creek. Moira has long talked about escaping. Her fame extends far beyond this city. This is her home now. David and Patrick are getting married here. It's where all of these big life moments have happened. The Rose family has found their humanity once more. That is so empowering. They have helped the citizens of this town improve their lives as well. Patrick and Stevie feel more rewarded and empowered now after meeting the Rose family. They feel like they belong alongside them. That is so encouraging and ensures this remains a hopeful and uplifting story until the very end - which is unfortunately rapidly approaching with the characters making these big decisions.