Tuesday, March 24, 2020

REVIEW: 'Schitt's Creek' - Johnny, Stevie and Roland Nervously Pitch the Expansion of Their Motel Business in 'The Pitch'

Pop's Schitt's Creek - Episode 6.12 "The Pitch"

Johnny, Stevie and Roland head to New York for their pitch meeting, nervous but excited. Moira anxiously awaits their return, becoming more distressed as the day goes on, knowing this is her last chance at escape. Alexis and David get ahead of themselves and contemplate living in New York.

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"The Pitch" was written by Daniel Levy and directed by Andrew Cividino

Moira never had any doubts about Johnny one day getting the family out of Schitt's Creek. She starts packing for that inevitability the moment that Johnny, Stevie and Roland leave for their big pitch meeting in New York City. It is never a foregone conclusion though. The family gets their hopes up though. They can imagine their lives in the city once more. Moira is packing while Alexis is already looking at apartments to share with David and Patrick. Everyone quickly gets onboard with that prospect. Patrick is really the only person who has some questions about the feasibility of it all. He doesn't know if he wants to move to New York just because that's what is required of the Rose family should this deal go through. It's fascinating to see these characters in the big city though. And yes, all three characters in the pitch meeting are instrumental in its success. Johnny had this connection to his former life. He trusted that his former assistant could help him raise the money to buy up all of these properties to start a chain of Rosebud Motels. He knows that scaling up now could be very profitable for anyone who wants to get in on the business. However, Michael isn't a part of the pitch meeting. Instead, his partners hear the pitch and dismiss everything Johnny has to say because they don't view him as a reliable businessman for the future. They don't believe he could possibly bring them a business that would be profitable in the 21st century. Rose Video went out of business for a reason. Johnny and Stevie make that passionate plea though. Meanwhile, Roland fiercely defends Johnny's honor when he returns to the conference room and hears some of the terrible things being said. All of that is impressive. It may not be for the partners leading this specific company. But it is inspiring to the next generation hoping to make their own mark in the private sector. They believe this is the exact business they should be investing in. It proves that there is immense value that comes from assistants. They have skills that can be as impressive as anyone else in the room. They should be respected at all times. A great idea can come from anywhere. That means Johnny, Roland and Stevie return to Schitt's Creek with a significant offer. That is weight off of Jocelyn's shoulders because she has been feeling the financial pressure this season after investing in this business with Roland. She didn't want to jinx this pitch at all. She didn't want to say anything until it was a done deal. And yet, there is never the assumption that she and Roland will also move out of town as this business takes off. It's a major victory for Stevie and the Rose family. They can all celebrate. It's so rewarding to see David give Stevie that hug as she has officially become a successful businesswomen. This is the path for her and she is amazing at it so far. Yes, there were technical difficulties along the way. However, her ideas have helped build and expand this business. Johnny couldn't have built this into a success without the loyal partners by his side. He could have failed once more. And now, he is right back to being a success. The future looks a little more certain for the core family. But again, they will have to face that crucial decision of whether or not to leave Schitt's Creek. There may no longer be a reason to stay there. And yet, it's where David and Patrick have their business. They too could expand now that Rosebud Motels wants to partner with them for the amenities available in each location. That could be profitable for the two of them too. However, they haven't had that frank discussion of what the future looks like. They are getting married. But there are still major decisions that have to be made. Moira eagerly awaits escape. She isn't hiding that at all. And yes, that will certainly annoy some people. But the city is where Alexis needs to be to go to the next level in her career. These decisions are personal and the opportunities are plentiful at the moment which should create a joyous ending for the series. That happened because of the time spent in Schitt's Creek. The future may take them far away from this place but they will always have roots here that connect them all together too.