Tuesday, March 31, 2020

REVIEW: 'Schitt's Creek' - The Entire Rose Family Plans for What Comes Next in Their Lives in 'Start Spreading the News'

Pop's Schitt's Creek - Episode 6.13 "Start Spreading the News"

As Johnny celebrates his big win, Moira receives some unexpected news that alters their plans. David makes a decision about where he wants to live, and it comes as a surprise to the family. Alexis and Twyla engage in an emotional gift exchange.

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"Start Spreading the News" was written by Daniel Levy and directed by Jordan Canning

What does the future hold for these characters? They are presented with opportunities now. This penultimate episode establishes where they are heading as the series comes to its conclusion. That will allow the finale to be all about the emotional simplicity of seeing this ensemble come together for David and Patrick's wedding without worrying about too much that may happen afterwards. Right now, big decisions have to be made. The Rose family was operating under the assumption that they would all be moving to New York City. That's where Johnny and Moira felt the need to be after securing an investment in Rosebud Motels to finance the expansion. Meanwhile, Alexis and David were ready to live in an apartment together in a city that already has some fond memories for them. But that may not be in the cards for all of them. This is the future Johnny prepared for the family. He was the one whose determination has presented this reality. They no longer have to stay in Schitt's Creek. It's a fate that Stevie and Roland are still choosing though despite their equal stakes in the business. They will be staying in town to oversee the expansion on the ground. In fact, David notes that Stevie is already starting to dress more professionally now that she has gone to the big city and come back a success. There may be nothing left that she has to prove. As such, she can accept whatever fate personally makes her happy. That's the kind of ending that all of these characters deserve. Sometimes it takes them needing to expand their minds a little bit to fully accept what they truly deserve in this world. Twyla feels happiest as a waitress at the cafe. And yet, she is revealed to be a millionaire here. That is such a delightful and fun reveal. It means that she has the means to help Alexis as she embarks on this next journey in New York. Alexis turns down that support knowing that receiving that financial assistance may only doom her prospects as she starts this new life. She needs to manage things on her own. And yet, she still values Twyla's friendship. She inspires Twyla to take action by buying the cafe. That is exactly what she needs in order to expand her world without losing sight of what's important to her. Alexis may need her to come visit her in the city. That is a reality too. The money is there for anything to be possible for these characters. Nothing can hold them back at this moment. It's just figuring out what each person wants in order to feel happy and fulfilled. For Twyla, that is just serving people at the cafe. For Alexis, it's embarking on a new career as a publicist despite how scary it is to be going to New York by herself. Meanwhile, David needs to be with Patrick no matter what. He is taken aback by the reveal that Patrick has actually been looking at a house in the city. It's all because of an innocuous comment David made. As a result, Patrick has envisioned what a life and a future could look like in this town. There is nothing substantial for David in New York either. He holds onto the idea of his former friends who haven't been apart of his life for a long time. His future is with Patrick and Stevie. They rely on him so much and he has grown because of their friendship and love. That is so crucial. He isn't ready to say goodbye to this town just yet. That stands in sharp contrast to Moira, who is ready to leave. She even has a project lined up too that will start shooting the day after David and Patrick's wedding. The producers of the Sunrise Bay reboot have caved to her demands. She is the star necessary in order for the project to move forward. All of her demands are met. The only significant change is production occurring in California. That means Johnny has to rearrange his plans for where to head the motel expansion from. But he has the luxury to do so. He doesn't have to be in New York. He can be wherever his wife is. That is meaningful to him. It's also bittersweet that the family is saying goodbye to Schitt's Creek. This will be Moira's last rehearsal with the Jazzagals. It's surprising and unexpected to see how emotional Ronnie gets. And yet, that only further highlights the profound impact this family has had on the entire town. Things will be different without them as a part of their daily lives. And yet, their influence will always be felt. Rose Apothecary will still exist while Schitt's Creek will remain the first location of Rosebud Motel. Everything will revolve around this town even if some characters have decided to explore the world around them. That is only possible because of the connections they made here and the improvements they've made to their lives after losing everything. These friendships won't be lost either. Life changes but the future remains bright for the entire ensemble.