Monday, April 27, 2020

REVIEW: 'Batwoman' - Kate's Friends Provide Emotional Support and Clarity During a Tumultuous Time in 'A Narrow Escape'

The CW's Batwoman - Episode 1.17 "A Narrow Escape"

Batwoman encounters a new challenge when an old villain resurfaces, testing the heroics of Gotham's most stand-up citizens. Alice's limits are tested.

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"A Narrow Escape" was written by Daphne Miles and directed by Paul Wesley

Kate can only serve as the hero Gotham needs with the support of her friends. It's easy for her to close herself off. She cut herself off from the world once. She had to say goodbye to any meaningful connections because she thought that would make her a more physical and daunting threat. However, those relationships have saved her over and over again this season. It was heartbreaking for her to lock up her sister in Arkham. She did so believing it was for the best. That was where Alice needed to be. Of course, the audience may disagree because of the torture Alice is enduring at the top of this episode. She would love to relax into her fantasy of being sisters with Kate once more. That is taken away from her again. Sure, it's not long before she and Mouse are running Arkham. They do so with an aura of protection and strength to them even though that may be a bit conceited and short-sighted. But that has always been how they survived the brutal world together. They had to hold onto those ideals even if was a forced creation of their own minds. With Kate, she is spiraling because she only sees death when wearing the Batsuit. She can no longer patrol the streets of Gotham serving as this great and uplifting symbol of hope and courage. She fears that any wrong move will lead to someone's death. It doesn't matter if they are a criminal attacking her. That thought can still paralyze her. It's crippling. She panics and spirals by herself. She doesn't want to let others in. But more than enough people fight to ensure that they are there for her when she is clearly struggling. Julia is the one who pulls her off the couch and back into a normal routine. Sometimes these acts of friendship have to be a bit more forceful than that. Kate rushes to Mary's clinic to hopefully rescue her before the building blows up. She is in desperate need to save the one sister she still has. She doesn't get there in time but the clinic can mostly sustain the blast. Mary confessing to knowing Kate's secret already is the precise energy necessary for Kate's mind to focus after that too. It's a stunning revelation. Kate has kept this secret from Mary. And now, Mary can only see just how clear all of this has been from the very beginning. She is supportive of Kate as well. She did feel betrayed because she was kept out of the loop of this major part of Kate's life. However, Mary is there to offer Kate the support she needs no matter what. She will run into danger to save her as well. That more than proves that these two are sisters who are stronger and more resilient with each other in their lives. Meanwhile, Luke almost makes the same mistake that Kate did. Kate lost herself in her rage. She killed Cartwright for the torture he put Beth through. And now, Luke has the opportunity to kill the man responsible for his father's death. That is a story that gained some momentum over the last few episodes. It feels a little abrupt to end that mystery at this point in the season. But it also hints at something much more nefarious with returning villain Tommy Elliot. Kate fought him and prevailed earlier in the season. But now, it's teased that he has all the secrets of Batman's technology. That is sensitive information Lucius Fox was willing to die for. He also protected his son in the end. It's a tragedy. One that can blind Luke as well. His rage could easily take over. Kate having explored those feelings recently helps ensure a different outcome occurs this time around. The crooked cop is saved to face justice for his numerous crimes. Kate provides that clarity. Luke offers her the understanding that she doesn't have to be perfect in order to be the hero and savior of Gotham. She makes tough decisions all the time. She won't get everything right. However, she is still needed to offer a vision for how the city can be better. She still has a calling to be a symbol of hope and courage. She is an inspiration but she is human too. Her friends understand that and help her cope with the more difficult aspects of this job.