Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Casting News - Kristen Schaal and Ryan Hurst Board Hulu's Upcoming Drama 'The Mysterious Benedict Society'

Casting News - April 22, 2020

Hulu's The Mysterious Benedict Society.

  • Kristen Schaal, MaameYaa Boafo, Ryan Hurst, Gia Sandhu, Mystic Inscho, Emmy DeOliveira, Seth Carr and Marta Timofeeva have been cast on the upcoming drama starring Tony Hale. Schaal previously starred for four seasons in FOX's The Last Man on Earth. Boafo starred in NBC's one-season drama Bluff City Law. Hurst currently stars in AMC's The Walking Dead. Sandhu appeared in the film A Simple Favor. Inscho appeared in the Broadway tour of School of Rock. DeOliveira's guest credits include Netflix's Flaked and TV Land's Teachers. Carr starred in the Netflix film The Main Event. Timofeeva recently appeared in Quibi's Survive.
  • Schaal will play Number Two, who has the pointedness and precision of a well-sharpened pencil. With an eccentric aura to her, sharp and direct, she is one of Mr. Benedict's (Hale) loyal lieutenants.
  • Boafo will play Rhonda, Mr. Benedict's other trusted lieutenant. She is charming and extroverted, a joyful warrior with a can-do attitude.
  • Hurst will play Milligan, a deadpan proctor with the Mysterious Benedict Society. Despite his towering stature, he is not so much scary as he is a sad, distant figure.
  • Sandhu will play Ms. Perumal, Reynie's tutor at the orphanage. She is resourceful, determined and desperately wants Reynie to have a shot at a better life.
  • Inscho will play Reynie Muldoon. Plucky and good-hearted, he is a boy with exceptional intelligence - but he is genuinely humble. Dutiful, polite and determined to always do the right thing, he emerges as a calm, reasonable leader - one of a quartet of recruits to The Mysterious Benedict Society, where his intuitive understanding of human nature will be put to a fine use.
  • DeOliveira will play Kate Weatherall, a resourceful and athletic kid. She is a born tool-user. She has an uncanny feel for how things go together. Remarkably intelligent and exceedingly self-reliant, she can be emotionally guarded. Proud of being a self-contained unit who can solve problems on her feet, she is the third fast-thinking new recruit to the Mysterious Benedict Society.
  • Carr will play George "Sticky" Washington, a slight kid who is deeply loyal. A bit timid and vulnerable, he suffers from serious anxiety. He may not be the most athletic of the group, even a bit clumsy, but he has a vast reservoir of knowledge; odd bits of information just stick to his brain. Able to solve any problem that requires a deep well of information, he is the second new recruit to the Mysterious Benedict Society.
  • Timofeeva will Constance Contraire, a tiny girl with a huge chip on her shoulder and the fourth new recruit to the Mysterious Benedict Society. She has a remarkably short fuse and a spectacularly insolent manner. A born rebel against authority and civility, she is a contrarian, a rule-breaker and a defiant smart mouth. She is resourceful and a wild card - and often the spark that guides the group to an unexpected solution.