Sunday, April 19, 2020

REVIEW: 'Killing Eve' - Carolyn and Eve Mourn a Significant Loss While Villanelle Guides a New Assassin in 'Management Sucks'

BBC America's Killing Eve - Episode 3.02 "Management Sucks"

Eve strikes up an unlikely alliance with Kenny's colleagues at the Bitter Pill. Villanelle finds that management isn't all it's cracked up to be.

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"Management Sucks" was written by Anna Jordan and directed by Terry McDonough

Villanelle is a skilled and efficient assassin. When she kills, there is no ambiguity about it. She does so with style and flare. She may not be the best asset for an organization that wants to operate in secrecy. However, her talent is undeniable. And yet, the audience also has to believe that her profound feelings of love towards Eve blinded her in the moment in Rome. She absolutely shot to kill. She believed that Eve was died. However, Eve is still alive. She has started a new life in London. It's depressing too. She is smoking and drinking constantly while trying to avoid temptation of getting back into the game. Carolyn may once again look at her like the agent she needs and can trust right now. They both have a desire to figure out what happened to Kenny. Neither one of them believes that he died from suicide. They know there is more to the story likely because of whatever he discovered about the Twelve in his new job. His colleagues are just as baffled as to what he was actually investigating as well. They are in the dark. Eve questions that leadership style. She doesn't understand how Jamie could be operating blindly while being so happy to have Kenny as part of the staff. But the Bitter Pill crew are the ones with the technology to crack Kenny's phone and discover everything on there. Sure, it's deceitful. Eve trades that leverage believing they have something of value which is currently in police custody. She has been betrayed one too many times to ever trust anyone as soon as they make that a part of their personalities. However, she concludes this episode reaching out to Carolyn. She views her as the only person who feels the same way on the subject. When Carolyn showed up at Eve's new workplace, Eve had no tolerance for the colorful and charming way Carolyn builds a sense of camaraderie. What she did put Eve's life in danger. She pushed her to the brink of sanity and that almost cost her everything. That trust isn't easy to win back. Eve doesn't want to work with her again. That may be what she has to do though. Carolyn believes she can dangle a tease about Villanelle to Eve. That's all it will take to reinvigorate her soul. It isn't that simple though. This season has approached a darker mindset. One that is no longer disillusioned about the core dynamic and the love that radiates through it. Eve and Villanelle were always toxic together. That yearning is still powerful though. When Villanelle learns that Eve is alive, everything shuts down. She can't process anything else. Sure, she no longer trusts Konstantin. And yet, he proves himself as having villainous intentions because he has bugged Carolyn's kitchen. As such, he knows that Eve and Carolyn are working together again. Now, the twist that he was always working for the Twelve is a stretch. The show has simply lost the thread with the character. It's clear this season wants to present the antagonists on a more unified front. They are used to the deceit and betrayals. Villanelle understands that she can't kill everyone who does her wrong like that. It's easy on some occasions. She has to take out her new charge because she simply can't deal with him going off script in a bloody and violent way. It's delightful to see Villanelle in a clown costume. Not much effort is put into that idea though. It's what Villanelle believes she has to do to gain access to this house. That allows the target to be killed. But it's no longer something done with excitement and passion. Now, it's just a burden. One where she has returned to the Twelve mostly because it's a known quantity. It's comfortable for her. She asks for more power believing that is what she has earned. The Twelve may only be playing games with her. She may not be able to tolerate that. The audience will have incredibly short patience this season. Big things have to continually happen that are exciting for the characters. Right now, the season is off to a somewhat sluggish start as it tries to introduce new characters who offer valuable insight while also explaining why the old ones are still engaging with one another. It's incredibly compelling to see Carolyn challenged as she wants to do something but is prevented from doing what she loves. That's a strong note that Fiona Shaw gets to play. She is potentially unraveling even if it's in a controlled manner. People are telling Carolyn how she should be reacting even though that has no basis for how she actually feels from moment to moment. That is exciting in an episode that mostly just wallows without much compelling drama.