Tuesday, April 28, 2020

REVIEW: 'One Day at a Time' - All of the Couples Have Rewarding Conversations About the Future in 'Supermoon'

Pop's One Day at a Time - Episode 4.06 "Supermoon"

When a supermoon appears in the night sky, all the Alvarezes and their significant others discover an elaborate romantic setting, fit for a marriage proposal. Who is it for? Only the moon knows!

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"Supermoon" was written by Erin Foley and directed by Michael Shea

Love and romance have flowed throughout all of the stories this season. It may just be one aspect of life for these characters. However, it is allowed to be a priority for them as well. This episode starts off with the suggestion of a rooftop proposal. Someone is going to get engaged by the end of the episode. That would be an understandable development for some of these couples - like Schneider and Avery or Penelope and Max. However, this episode smartly takes the opportunity to check in on all of the core couples. It highlights each relationship while strengthening each of them through the power of frank and honest conversations. That has always been the backbone of the way this show tells stories. It creates that sense of vulnerability through intimacy. It can go for the jokes as well. The audience immediately sees that the rooftop is decorated for a romantic event. Schneider has put in that effort. As such, it seems like something he has to care about. It isn't for Avery though. They are happy together and expecting a baby. Their future looks bright. They don't feel the burden of going through a proposal and a wedding at the moment. Sure, the show creates visuals where the purpose of the joke is seeing Schneider getting down on one knee. That is the traditional position to propose but it isn't important here. This couple exists to serve the grand romantic gesture for someone else. They are let in on the secret but no one else in the Alvarez family seems to have a clue. With Elena and Syd, their conversation is perhaps a little more empty than the other ones that happen here. However, they are the stable couple of the show right now. They have been together longer than any of the other couples. That resilience is significant. It means they have every right to hold firm in believing their romance can survive the transition from high school to college. Their worlds are expanding. They have conversations that are awkward. They understand each other when the rest of the world doesn't immediately get it. But again, they offer some levity to the proceedings knowing that the conversations are only going to get more serious from that point on. With Alex, Nora is his first girlfriend. He has expectations for what this should be. He sees himself as growing up and essentially prepared to have sex. That isn't going to happen. However, he wants to do something special to celebrate being together for three months. He cares about that and does evidently listen to his mother's advice. But it's also clear that Penelope and Victor's divorce has had a profound impact on him. One where it is beneficial for him to talk about it outside of the core family unit. He gets so much love and support from them. But these are his personal feelings that he has to work through in order to continue that emotional growth. He does so here in a loving and genuine way despite the absurdity of it all. Divorce also shapes Penelope's approach to marriage. She never wants to get married again. She loves Max. They talk about the future. It's actually a perfect scenario for Penelope. She has this man in her life. He will be a consistent part of her future. However, he won't be the top priority who demands more love than anything else she has. She can spread it around to everything that she cares about. It's important that they had this conversation at some point. It doesn't completely address the reason why they initially broke up. But it's beneficial regardless. And finally, Lydia reveals the grand reason why everyone is assembled on the roof. She plans on spreading Berto's ashes up there in the garden. She originally planned on doing so during her return to Cuba. However, her birth country no longer felt like home. It was still a special journey for her. However, she wanted her husband to remain a part of the family. She needed him close by. She also needed to provide him some peace with a final resting place. He will forever live in the hearts and spirits of the family. Everyone gets a chance to eulogize him. His absence is still felt within this family. They are sad that he is no longer alive to celebrate all that they have accomplished. However, they are proud of the time they got with him and the stories they are lucky to hear from Lydia. This is such a beautiful moment. One where the extended members of the Alvarez family are there to support the core group with the beautiful and celebratory moment of grief they need.