Monday, May 11, 2020

REVIEW: 'Roswell, New Mexico' - Several Confrontations Occur as Isobel and Michael Learn About Their Parents in 'The Diner'

The CW's Roswell, New Mexico - Episode 2.09 "The Diner"

After uncovering a surprising connection to their past, Michael and Isobel learn the painful truth about the night Tripp attacked their mothers. Meanwhile, Alex confronts his father about their troubled family history. Elsewhere, Kyle's first date with Steph takes an awkward turn after Liz inadvertently becomes a third wheel.

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"The Diner" was directed by Aisha Tyler with story by Steve Stringer & Carina Adly MacKenzie and teleplay by Steve Stringer, Alanna Bennet & Carina Adly MacKenzie

These characters believe they have the powers to change the world. They aren't wrong to believe that either. Alien abilities allow fantastical things to happen on a regular basis. It has actually started to become common in their lives. That casualness may only make them more susceptible to capture and abuse though. Liz would never knowingly alert the world to the existence of aliens. However, she also feels the drive to use her medical background to understand the genetics that could provide the cure for so many diseases on this planet. Those answers are within her reach. As a doctor, she feels an obligation to pursue that endeavor because it could save so many lives. She doesn't quite see the personal cost to all of that though. She inserts herself into the lives of others. It can be overbearing at times. Her friends are all willing to make such noble and huge sacrifices for her. Kyle stole from the hospital in order to help Liz bring Max back to life. And now, she keeps inserting herself into his first date with Steph. She may meddle even further by trying to cure her of her blood disease. That is a secret that Steph holds closely. She doesn't want people to know what is happening to her. Kyle looked into her medical records though and shared that information with Liz. Meanwhile, Liz takes a sample of her DNA in the hopes of running some tests with the alien samples she already has. It's thrilling and exciting. But again, it's these characters being reckless in the name of scientific exploration and the pursuit of personal fulfillment. Liz and Kyle want that honest connection and praise. Kyle wants to be seen as the hero. Steph lashes out as a result. He is hardly the only male voice in this world who feels that way either. Michael wants to be the one to uncover the truth about what happened to Nora and Louise in the past. Max wants to exert himself while saving all of the people who are mysteriously vanishing around town. The sheriff actually has the physical evidence necessary to prove that something has happened. She isn't wrong to suspect Max of murder. He even explains the possible reasons why he could be motivated to take such an action against Noah. He details that his brother-in-law was actually a criminal and abuser. Max took justice into his own hands. That is the truth. Instead, a new story is shared to provide a brief moment of safety. Max opens up a little bit. But he only tells the sheriff about having a heart condition. He uses that to convince her that she is wrong. He doesn't trust anything that she has to say though. She is the one who has strong memories about the day that the aliens were found in the desert and how they acted before they were adopted. She knows that Max is more broken than his siblings. She knows that he is much more likely to break as a result. She has all of this additional information that allows her to come to a more well-rounded opinion on him as a person. That may further tease that Max is special in some way. Michael fears that that has always been the case. Max is the important savior who must be protected at all costs. That is the narrative that has been played into for so long. It belittles Michael and Isobel's existences even though they are just as important. They are entitled to answers too. They receive some clarity here before having to rush off to help Max. In fact, it's clear that secrets are buried throughout this town. The truth about Isobel's mother is literally within the walls of the diner. It's a clue that points everyone in the direction of something new and exciting. It offers hope that a connection to the world beyond this one is still out there. But the audience also has the clarity of knowing that there are still numerous threats throughout this world. They may just be simmering in the background. However, they are worming their way into the lives of these characters. Alex is being spied on by his father. The lessons he sees from history aren't always passed on with the same reverence or understanding. It's difficult and shows just how easy families can break. These characters have each other. But they are also keeping secrets from one another which is bound to cause chaos at some point soon because they can only keep up that facade for so long before reality sets in.