Thursday, May 21, 2020

REVIEW: 'The Good Fight' - Lucca Treats Herself While Adrian Receives an Exciting Offer in 'The Gang Offends Everyone'

CBS All Access' The Good Fight - Episode 4.06 "The Gang Offends Everyone"

Reddick, Boseman & Lockhart represent an Olympic hopeful who was edged out of a spot on the U.S. women's swim team due to a last minute change to the eligibility window. From racism to sex and gender constructs, the case quickly takes the firm into rough waters. Meanwhile, Adrian is approached by the DNC with a compelling offer and Diane and Julius unite to track down Memo 618.

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"The Gang Offends Everyone" was written by Jacquelyn Reingold and directed by Brooke Kennedy

The DNC wants Adrian to run for President in 2024. That is absolutely absurd. And yet, it presents as a tempting offer to him because it plays into his ego. He views himself as this great progressive voice who has been on the front line fighting for change for a long time. He stands with power as the head of one of the most respected firms. The cases he and his partners take on are complicated and have an impact on policy elsewhere. And yet, he is simply what people behind the political machine believe is most digestible. He is a figure who can stand in as a diverse voice without being expected to amount to much. He can fulfill that role. He isn't given this offer because he is seen as the future of the party. The leaders just want to ensure that the diversity statistics are maintained no matter what the outcome of the 2020 election should be. That planning is happening so far in advance. And yet, it has an immediate impact on Adrian's life. He views this as a great opportunity for himself. It's something he now wants because he has been told it is actually an option for him. He thought his outspoken nature would disqualify him. But the party leaders say that the rules have been thrown out the window. That allows Adrian to be much more blunt with his assertions. His story just further highlights how the people in his position of power continue to prop each other up and hold onto it even though the world is changing. Adrian believes he is a pillar for his community. He embarks on bringing change to the world. And yet, he is mostly just willing to do whatever it takes in order to win for his clients. He embraces anti-transgender rhetoric to get his client onto the Olympic swim team. That is absolutely horrifying. The associates and the assistants at the firm band together to make their displeasure know. Adrian doesn't understand why it is a big deal. He is working on behalf of his client. He wants her to win this case. The law is about winners and losers in his mind. That's not how the next generation views the world though. Instead, they have the clarity to recognize the arguments made in court are perceived as how that lawyer actually feels. When Adrian makes these comments, he is sending a message to the rest of the world that this is now okay behavior. He is making it much easier to discriminate against transgender athletes. The system isn't perfect. The Olympic Committee is still trying to find the best way to ensure that athletes are competing from the same playing field. People are unique though. It's complicated because it can't be reduced down to one issue being pitted against another. Adrian is making these comments for a judge who barely understands transgender issues only to then be thrown into intersexual identities. Someone has to get hurt in order for someone else to win. That's the mentality Adrian embraces. He is in a committed relationship with Charlotte. She opens up about the perception of corruption in her courtroom. He wants to stand firmly by her side while embarking on his own political ambitions. And yet, he may end this relationship because of how casually she treats the system she presides over. In her mind, Memo 618 can never be challenged or changed. It's simply what the system is. Adrian exists to push back against that. Of course, Diane and Julius are the ones getting to the heart of what this memo actually is. They uncover that it is actually a way for the powerful to control the judicial branch through the executive without having to cite anything specific. It could be tested. Diane has that gumption at the moment. These secret laws have allowed some tremendous atrocities to take place. She doesn't want the rights of average citizens to be destroyed just because the powerful think they can get away with anything. This story may just reaffirm that the powerful and well-connected simply have the superiority to never think about those who are different than them. That also plays out in Lucca's story where millions of dollars is life-changing to her. It isn't to Bianca and her friends. And yet, they have to be held accountable for the promises of this money. Lucca feels uncomfortable bringing it up. She doesn't know how to discuss money without seeming like that is all she wants. She needs that financial security though. It can help improve her life. She deserves to treat herself just like the other people of this world. It's pleasant whenever David Lee does something nice for someone else. He may have selfish motives. And yet, it should always be respected when someone asks for what they deserve. The system isn't always set up to ensure that that quality is rewarded and uplifted. This character failing is common across numerous demographics as well. That's what makes the world such a complex place to navigate even though happiness can be found in so many different ways.