Sunday, June 7, 2020

REVIEW: 'Hightown' - Jackie Gets Distracted During Her Search for Krista While Ray Asserts His Power in 'B.F.O.'

Starz's Hightown - Episode 1.04 "B.F.O."

Jackie finds out where Krista Collins is staying, but gets pulled back into her own life. Ray comes face to face with Osito. Junior tries to reconcile with Donna's family.

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"B.F.O." was written by John Covarrubias and directed by Michael Offer

Jackie views herself as a savior. She is looking out for Krista when no one else is. She gets closer to finding her than ever before. Jackie is in the hotel room that Krista is currently living in. And yet, the two characters have still not met. On one hand, that is the show elongating this specific plot point. It can't rush things too quickly with Jackie being able to put all the pieces of this puzzle together. On the other hand, it fundamentally showcases just how selfish Jackie can be. People can tell that she is trying to be better. Going to rehab was a good thing for her. But she's not exactly working the program. She isn't going through the steps to maintain her sobriety. As such, it's not surprising to see her take that shot at the end of the episode. It's a celebratory time for her. She found Krista and is waiting for a call back. She convinces her boss to keep her on the job after her input leads to a strong federal case that they don't typically encounter every day. Jackie proves her worth. And yes, that is incredibly valuable. However, she is a flawed character who projects a sense of importance even though her actions are having a dire effect on those around her. She believes that she is helping Krista at a time when no one else is. Before Krista was aware of Jackie's presence though, she was still attending meetings and trying to stay sober. After she finds Jackie's note and her suitcase, she immediately gets high again. It's destructive behavior because it feels like an intimidation tactic. She doesn't know Jackie. She doesn't know if she can trust her. She doesn't believe that anyone could be looking out for her best interests. Jackie could just be the person who pulls her further into danger. She may ruin what little life she has going at the moment. It was already hard enough for her. And now, she gives into temptation simply because Jackie makes that wrong approach. Jackie prioritized her job. She may not be wrong for doing that. She clearly has more respect for the badge now. She is grateful to have this opportunity. Her opinion is respected. Her perspective on the world ensures that the outcome is even more rewarding. That is important to her as well. It just continues to paint a brave face while distracting from the issues that are bubbling under the service. They are apparent for the objective viewer. We see how Jackie is deflecting from her responsibilities. She wants to help Krista. But if she can't maintain some stability in her own life, then she wouldn't be capable of helping someone else in their time of need. That is the fundamental story of this series. It's important to be compassionate and understanding of the world at large. And yet, a person has to be healthy and aware of their own misgivings before being able to have a positive impact on others. Junior believes he is making things better with Donna and her family. But he is also teetering on the edge of sanity because Jackie and Osito are continuing to force him into uncomfortable positions that have such drastic consequences to them. He has even embraced those temptations from time to time. He is trying to keep everyone happy which may ultimately get in the way of what he actually wants to achieve right now. These characters are trying to convince themselves that they aren't the problems though. That exists with so many of them. Ray operates from a place of scoffing at any suggestion that he does something wrong in his official capacity. He is very abusive of his power though. He is having sex with his informant. Even when Renee says she wants that part of their relationship to end, it's clear that that is all that he wants from her. That's why he keeps having sex. It's a way to string her along believing this relationship is more than what it actually is. He feigns emotions. That's probably why he cares so much that Sherry is dead. But it's just problematic behavior that shows he is incompetent at his job. Similarly, he believes getting physical with a suspect in the interrogation room is the proper way to get answers. He doesn't care about the rights that every citizen has. He just sees a distraction that prevents him from getting what he wants. He continues to operate in this way with no real challenge to his authority. People hold onto that understanding of what kind of officer he truly is. Meanwhile, he is in denial as to why anyone wouldn't want to work with him. He has shown his true colors. He is still in charge of this investigation though. He may succeed. All of this may continue to prop him up as important. Or it could truly be a tragic downfall for so many characters by the end of this season.