Sunday, June 14, 2020

REVIEW: 'Hightown' - Jackie Falls Off the Wagon When Krista Needs Her the Most in 'The Best You'll Feel All Day'

Starz's Hightown - Episode 1.05 "The Best You'll Feel All Day"

Jackie goes on a bender, threatening everything she's got going for her, throwing her sobriety out the window, and ultimately putting Krista in danger like never before. Junior has to prove himself in a new way.

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"The Best You'll Feel All Day" was written by Jordan Harper and directed by Eagle Egilsson

Jackie has had two driving motivations this season: to get high and to save Krista Collins. It's because she tried to address her addictions following a dangerous crash that she became obsessed with Krista. As such, it's thematically devastating that Jackie giving into her vices once more is the action that prevents her from saving Krista in her time of need. So far, she has been very focused on finding Krista. She had to track her down. She knew that it was important. It could potentially solve Sherry's murder. Jackie felt like she was given a purpose. She could remain sober so long as she could help Krista. In the end, finding her was all that Jackie needed in order to feel like she accomplished something. She never actually makes contact with her though. She leaves a note behind in Krista's hotel room. And yet, Krista views that as her world caving in on her. In that moment, it is her breaking point in her sobriety. She can no longer handle the stress of this world knowing that so many people want to do her harm. She is definitely skeptical about the people around her and what they want from her. But she is also an addict who needs to get high. Rehab was good for her. She sees the value in going back. That's where she needs to be right now. She needs help. That is denied from her. She can't have that. Jackie's quest to save her is the reason why Krista is targeted in the first place. Ray didn't see the value in tracking down this potential witness. Instead, he rails against a system that won't just let him cut corners because he thinks he knows what's going on. He hates that the prosecutor can't convince a judge to let him surveil and examine the homes and businesses of people Osito could be associated with. He sees it as them not willing to take the risks in the hopes of landing a big reward. It's all about the personal accomplishments with him too. It's the big score of arresting this major criminal in the drug trade. He got Frankie. Now, he needs to get Osito too. It's not really about ensuring that the case is solid and the testimony is perfect. Ray is told he isn't good on the stand. He believes he is charming. That wins him a lot of privilege in life. So many people can see through that though. It's so abundantly clear that he exerts his power to get whatever he wants and never feels like he should be challenged or forced to change. He is so corrosive in that way. He is still presented in a romantic way with Renee though. That remains odd. It's something that is growing even stronger. He is essentially removed from the drama that happens here. And yet, he is the one standing over Krista's body. In that moment, he can still reliably do his job. Jackie cannot. That is the stark difference between them. Sure, the audience can question if Ray is good at the job or the type of person anyone would want on the force. Alan calls out his harmful tactics from time to time. But he remains partnered with Ray because he sees the potential value and importance in this case. Jackie is only full of her own delusions at the moment. She believes that everything in her life can be magically fixed because she spent a little time in rehab. That was all it took for her to potentially avoid her troubles with the law and get her job back. She has found Krista. She is waiting for that call back. And yet, all it takes is one drink for her to destroy everything she has been trying to build. People in her life know just how destructive her behavior can be. Jackie doesn't have that understanding just yet. She doesn't see how her actions could be harmful to others. Krista's death may be a wakeup call to her. She was given the chance to continue in her rescue mission to save Krista here. That would have ended tragically for her too though. She couldn't take on Junior and Osito in her state of mind. She was high. As such, she was useless to people who thought they could depend on her. She is cavalier and reckless with her own life. That makes her a dangerous individual. One who can't be trusted to step up and do the right thing. And so, chaos reigns because Jackie is incapable of offering help to others. She is too broken while placing her own emotional stability on how others prop her up with what she wants to do at any given moment.