Monday, June 1, 2020

REVIEW: 'Roswell, New Mexico' - Liz Feels Energized About Her Research Before Her Secrets Catch Up to Her in 'Linger'

The CW's Roswell, New Mexico - Episode 2.11 "Linger"

Driven by the prospects of her scientific research, Liz opens up to Diego about all the good her findings could do. Meanwhile, Max enlists Kyle's help getting to the bottom of the recent abductions, while Michael does his own investigating into Alex's disappearance. After learning more about her mother Louise, Isobel pays a visit to Rosa, in hopes that Rosa could help her begin to heal.

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"Linger" was written by Ariana Quiñónez & Deirdre Mangan and directed by Franklin Vallette

The drama has always wanted to include topical issues in its narrative. It wasn't enough that the main plot with aliens was an allegory for the immigration experience. It also had to directly talk about the realities of just how cruel and broken the actual system can be. Sometimes, that does clash with the more outlandish details of the drama. It's an important conversation to be had about immigration though. Liz has felt that she had to be perfect her entire life. She couldn't make a mistake because her father would then be taken away from her. She never wanted to lose him. He was the only family she had for awhile. That nightmare seemed to happen when ICE took Arturo. And yet, the worst hasn't happened. Liz has the smarts and connections to protect her family no matter what. She is brilliant. Rosa has returned to her. She brought Max back from death. She may fear these federal officers who wish to torment her family. However, she has armed herself with information. It's a burden she absolutely shouldn't have to face. She also gets an assist from Diego who is staying around town a little while longer for vague reasons. But she is victorious in that endeavor. That moment allows her to feel confident. The other shoe is just waiting to drop though. That obviously comes when Max confronts her about the research she is continuing to do in the lab. Her actions have caused so many consequences. She believes she is on the verge of a medical breakthrough that can help Steph. She does that in order to repay Kyle for everything he has done for her. And yet, he is suspended from his job and could wind up facing criminal charges. He sacrificed so much for Liz. He needed to put distance between them. He is annoyed when Max drags him into another plot because he is the only ally around at the time. It's also building to the moment where Liz sees the potential brilliance of her medical breakthroughs. She celebrates them and strives to achieve all that she knows she is capable of. When she was with Diego, she broke into tears upon receiving recognition from her peers. It was the first example that this is something she is capable of succeeding in. Growing up, she never had the role models to tell her that this was achievable for her. She had to dampen her expectations because of the fear and tragedy that defined her family. It was only later on that she felt accepted and capable of achieving her wildest dreams. That spirit has only grown. She is given access to material that no one else in the world can experiment on. She has alien DNA. She can find cures for diseases. She can change the world. She just happens to be doing so in secret. It has long been easy to see Max as a selfish and entitled individual who wasn't good enough to be in this relationship. And now, the show is increasingly adding the pressure onto Liz to reveal that she has shortcomings as well. Her ambition isn't necessary a bad thing. It can just blind her from the potential repercussions. Her drive may only get more people into trouble. That is a terrifying thought. It's one the show explores just a little bit. It is actually more concerned with providing some answers as to who the true antagonists have been this season. There has absolutely been a conspiracy brewing with all the mysterious disappearances in town. It has been a slow build. And now, answers seemingly explode after Michael is determined to figure out what happened to Alex. Instead, it mostly just props up Flint Manes and Helena Ortecho as figures with more power and villainous intentions than they previously seemed. It's not all that rewarding as a reveal because the two have barely existed as characters previously. This action may define them in more engaging ways to ensure this conflict has some emotional resonance to it by the time the season finale happens. It's just a little blunt here - which clashes with the natural instincts elsewhere. Although, it also seems inevitable that Diego is trying to lure Liz to some new unethical research team by probing her intensely for clarity about her research. The show is really spelling that out at the moment and Liz doesn't have the necessary perspective to see it happening right in front of her. She believes she can be trusted with the alien secrets. They don't have to worry about being outed. And yet, those concerns are valid because her resolve isn't as fortified as she would like to believe it is.