Thursday, July 2, 2020

REVIEW: 'Doom Patrol' - A Massive Party to Revive Danny Quickly Grows Out of Control Thanks to Rita and Flex in 'Sex Patrol'

DC Universe & HBO Max's Doom Patrol - Episode 2.04 "Sex Patrol"

When the Dannyzens throw a massive party at Doom Manor to resuscitate Danny the Brick, Dorothy longs to join the festivities and experience life as a grown-up. As the party rages on, Rita asks Flex Mentallo to help unleash her full potential - which has some dangerously racy consequences.

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"Sex Patrol" was written by Eric Dietel & Tanya Steele and directed by Omar Madha

The Doom Patrol has come to rely on each other. They rely on these bonds even though they may not be healthy. They were brought together by Niles for a specific purpose. It wasn't to be heroes that could save the world with their incredible powers. As such, no time was really spent on helping them analyze their past failings and traumas. That means they are still constantly making mistakes. They do so as parents. They do so as children. No one is perfect. The world has a standard for what is acceptable as well. That's what has always made this show so beautiful and profound. It knows that the world is a weird place. And yet, humanity is complex. That is what makes everyone unique. People should feel the absolute confidence to live as their true selves no mattered where they go. Danny the Street offered a warm and comforting salvation to everyone who felt shunned by the outside world. And now, the Dannyzens need to rally together to heal their broken friend. However, Danny isn't perfect either. They're need for friendship could sometimes get in the way of them making the right decision. They have been an ally to Niles for years. They helped the Doom Patrol rescue him. But they also allowed Dorothy to be a prisoner. Niles rationalized it by saying he just needed enough time to come up with a better solution. That prison then lasted for a century. Dorothy is a hundred years old but she is still a child. She may not age as quickly as everyone else. But her time with Danny robbed her of some of her innocence as well. She was perpetually kept from the partying. She was prevented from wishing for a better life. She too wants to feel loved and accepted. She feels that rush of excitement and acceptance when she is with her father. And yet, one action is all it takes for disaster to befall the world. It can be so random at times. But it can also be deeply rooted in the past because of the misgivings that have plagued the prior generations. Cliff and Larry feel that they both failed as parents. Their children have had to endure the traumas their parents inflicted on their lives. Cliff and Larry have to accept their own failings in that regard. It's just difficult to do so while also making amends. It may also be difficult to come to that place of healing while living in Doom Manor. It can be a safe place. A refuge for anyone who needs it. But it can still be invaded by demons who want to end the world. It may also tolerate heinous actions in the name of something good. Niles wants to protect his daughter. In doing so though, he makes her envious of the world around her. She can hear the party in the distance but has never been able to enjoy it. The world may do nothing but lie to her. People may constantly betray and belittle her. Rita understands that feeling. She was hurt by her own mother a long time ago. She just also happens to be following the same pattern now with Dorothy. That could have the consequence of ending the world. Rita wants to rid herself of this mental block. But that is incredibly all-consuming of her life as well. She wants to master her powers. She can never clear her mind like Flex suggests. Trying that invites a sex demon who could birth a baby that eradicates every child on the planet. That apocalypse is the only reason Jane is freed from the Underground. The personalities view her as a threat to Kay's stability. But Jane knows how to operate in the real world. It may be dangerous to live with her friends who always fall into these precarious situations. But they are at least aware of the plots that could jeopardize Kay's future. That doesn't make up for everything that was done in the past. Danny can only hope for a better future where they make better choices. The Dannyzens still support them. They have a message to deliver across the world. It's a beautiful message but the residents of Doom Manor still feel anguished and uncertain in their lives. They may help each other. But their own insecurities could also prevent them from achieving the ultimate peace that they seek as well. That complexity makes this such an engaging drama. The characters are isolated and afraid. Hope and beauty can fill their lives for a little bit. But it only takes one mistake to threaten the future that they hope to achieve both by themselves and together as a family. Dorothy still ends the hour by calling out to the Candlemaker. That is devastating even though he mocks her pleas instead of welcoming the apocalypse he has long pressured from her.