Wednesday, July 8, 2020

REVIEW: 'The 100' - Clarke's Arrival on Bardo Leads to a New Mystery from the Past on Earth in 'Anaconda'

The CW's The 100 - Episode 7.08 "Anaconda"

Clarke confronts a new adversary. A surprising connection takes us back to the past and the nuclear apocalypse that destroyed the Earth.

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"Anaconda" was written by Jason Rothenberg and directed by Ed Fraiman

Apparently, The 100 is building to a final Judgment Day. The series has already ended the world on a number of occasions. This episode actually flashes back to one to potentially set up a spinoff series. That is the prime function of this hour. However, it's still informative about the science that connects everything that happened on Earth with the mystical wonders of the Orbs. It was previously teased that there had to be one of these artifacts on Earth. That allowed the Second Dawn cult to travel across the galaxy to a new home instead of living out the apocalypse in the bunker. Sure, they still spent years down there. It wasn't abandoned like everyone thought when they needed to survive the second apocalypse. In fact, all of these conflicts are quite circular. So much of the mythology and mystery of this world was built by the characters whose actions defined the early days of the apocalypse. Callie was simply a young girl caught in a perpetual fight with her parents about her future. She is obviously bright and committed to her passions. She doesn't want to be a clone of her father. That is the role somewhat forced onto her because of the apocalypse. The world ends. As such, she is dependent on everything that defines life in the bunker. That isn't enough for her. She knows there are people suffering elsewhere. She is given the tools to help them survive and thrive. Earth doesn't have to be written off for good. That would come much later in the history of the planet. It's been centuries since anyone has lived on it. Bill is still alive though. He is still clinging onto the hope that whatever Becca saw is the key to the mysteries of the universe. She entered the code and saw the darkest, most terrifying images she has ever experienced. That is saying something considering everything that happened to her while she was trying to save the human race. She noted right away that Bill certainly wasn't strong enough to confront this threat head on. He may have just been biding his time until he can gain full clarity on what was first introduced to his life all those years ago. He had to lead his followers through the portal. So many questions existed about whether or not this was safe for humans. He didn't know what kind of planet he would discover on the other end. It was fate because the Flame could hear the frequencies of the Orb calling out. Becca knew how to unlock the codes. It wasn't just guesswork. That's what the Disciples have done for years though. They have hoped for the best. As Gabriel learned, it's been years since anyone discovered a new function. Bill has demanded that the Flame be given to him so he can lead his people to the greatest he is sure is still out there. He has long held up that promise. The Disciples have landed on a new world. A new society has formed. One that is incredibly obedient to him. Resistance may be futile. He is a man with a severe god complex. He always believes he knows what's right. People desperately seek his love and approval. Callie ran away from that knowing that his actions were destructive to the survival of the human race. Her brother Reese clung to it seeing it as the only thing that mattered. He had to please him. He will hunt down his own sister to get what Bill wants. That conflict happened so long ago. Only now does Bill potentially see the brilliance of what Callie had all along. He needs the secrets of the Flame. His motivation hasn't changed. The people he is now interacting with have though. The Flame has been destroyed. Clarke is important because she was given a glimpse into the world of the artificial intelligence. Madi has as well. She may not be able to enjoy a peaceful life as a former commander. Her brain may still hold the keys to unlock the mysteries of the universe. That is important for the direction of this final season. This episode positions Iola Evans as a strong and commanding lead for the spinoff should The CW order it. The other potential characters don't do much to excite or inform what would be different and special. This hour is compelling though because it puts the human emotion at the forefront instead of just spinning out the mystery a little while longer. Bill rejected the science that could provide salvation. The technology of this world has plagued so many civilizations. They all strive for something more. Some threat may always be coming to get them. That is forever the fight. The series could be building to a fateful conclusion for everyone. One that will see everyone judged for their fates. That is a daunting prospect. One that motivates everything the Disciples do. For Clarke and her friends though, it's all about rescuing and saving the people they care about. Only then is life worth living for them. They can't give up just because of the tragic news of Bellamy's death.