Saturday, July 4, 2020

REVIEW: 'The Baby-Sitters Club' - A Trip to the Beach Sparks New Connections for Stacey and Mary Anne in 'Boy-Crazy Stacey'

Netflix's The Baby-Sitters Club - Episode 1.07 "Boy-Crazy Stacey"

Mary Anne and Stacey team up for an out-of-town job: babysitting kids at the beach. But a cute new crush challenges business and friendship.

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"Boy-Crazy Stacey" was written by Dan Robert & Lisha Brooks and directed by Linda Mendoza

The central friendships have proven time and time again that they can withstand any challenges. Secrets have been kept. Trust had to be earned. And yet, these five young girls love each other and will support each other no matter what. They have had to handle some difficult situations. The narrative now seems to reward Mary Anne and Stacey by gifting this job out-of-town where they get to spend a week at the beach. Sure, they are responsible for looking after a ton of children. However, they have that completely under control. This can still be a fun vacation for them. There is no need to worry. Sure, Mary Anne's father still does that. It's shocking that he lets her go. He does and spends the week fretting over the fear that something could happen to her. This episode definitely goes for more of a comedy vibe. It's still completely charming while embracing the core emotions felt by children this age. Stacey develops a crush on a cute lifeguard. She has long been the romantic of the group. She pictures herself with her husband. That's the future she aspires for. It's a key declaration for how much she likes something. She was ready for Mary Anne's new rug to be her husband. And so, she runs the risk of building up these crushes in her head to the point where it's not realistic. But she also wants to flirt with Scott. She sees an attractive guy believing they have a moment together. He makes her feel special. She wants to explore that. And yes, she should have the opportunity to do so. Sure, it shouldn't come at the expense of her job. She and Mary Anne were hired to look after these children so their parents could have a little break at the beach. Mary Anne is the one stuck doing the bulk of the work. She can absolutely handle it. She just shouldn't have to do it all by herself. She gets stuck buried in the sand. But she has new friends who can help dig her out too. Alex and Toby quickly bond with her. It's so empowering to see how casually the show treats Alex having crushes on other boys too. That is incredibly progressive while highlighting just how natural it should be for the upcoming generation. This is part of the norm. It's not something to keep secret. It allows him to have a valid perspective that can potentially help Mary Anne. It connects back to the emotions at play while telling a different spin on the story. It opens this world to a wide array of identities while showcasing the love and friendship that is always at the forefront. Sure, it's obvious that Toby has a little bit of a crush on Stacey too. That is actually rewarded in the end. He first tries to be there for her after she feels embarrassed in front of Scott. But it's actually more important to be there the following day. At that point, Stacey has realized that her friendship with Mary Anne is so much more important than anything else. It was wrong for her to abandon her and change their plans during this week away. And Toby is still there to say goodbye. As such, she has a perfect memory for her first kiss. It's just a brief moment. A future may not be built from it. She will certainly fantasy about that though. She already lines up plans for visits or to become a dual citizen of Canada. But it's also the perfect example of life at this age. It can be awkward at times. But it can be really fun and special too. Once these walls are broken down, connections can form that are really rewarding. Kristy has been so reluctant to let Watson into her life. She fears how he'll react after damage is done to his vintage car. She has to be honest with him. Him accepting it as an accident allows her to see that he isn't the vicious and stern man she has imagined in her head. He is someone who can be there for her and understand her when she needs it. She has yearned for that fatherly connection. And now, she may finally be willing to accept it. She just shows that briefly by acknowledging her love for her new bedroom. It's such a small moment but it allows everyone to understand that more can be built on this foundation. Not everything in the future has to be perfect. Relationships can be rocky at times. When the work is put in to make it special though, then the rewards are powerful to embrace whenever they're needed.