Sunday, July 5, 2020

REVIEW: 'The Baby-Sitters Club' - Kristy Tries Her Best to See the Happiness of Her Growing Family in 'Kristy's Big Day'

Netflix's The Baby-Sitters Club - Episode 1.08 "Kristy's Big Day"

Stoneybrook delights in a day of glitz and glamour as Kristy's mom prepares for a big day. Later, Kristy hits a major milestone, much to her surprise.

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"Kristy's Big Day" was written by Rachel Shukert and directed by Kimmy Gatewood

The Baby-Sitters Club is about so much more than simply baby-sitting. That is the passion that unites the core group of friends. However, this club highlights and strengthens the bonds that they have. It makes them aware that they can rely on their friends no matter what. They will be there as support even though life is constantly changing. That is something Kristy has struggled to accept throughout this season. She has lashed out at the world because it no longer makes sense to her in the way that she is able to process it. She hates that her father doesn't want a relationship with her. She believes her mother is selling out her values in order to marry Watson. That isn't true though. It's simply the pent-up anger and rage within Kristy. She lets it out at inopportune times. It's not destructive. It just proves that conversations need to be had in order to let out these emotions and be understood. Kristy has opened her heart up to Watson this season. She was so reluctant to babysit his children and accept the gifts he is willing to give to her family. It's a major change for her life. He comes from a family with a lavish history in this town. His family has a tradition of getting married in the same room. Liz doesn't want to buck with that tradition. Kristy views all of this as her mother no longer being herself. She allows Kristy's older brother to drive a new vehicle. It costs much more than what he has been saving up for a long time. It's a gift Watson is more than happy to give to him. And yet, Liz questions Kristy's choice of accepting that same generosity when it comes to the bridesmaid dress. Kristy doesn't feel happy or comfortable in the original dress tailored for her. Watson allows her to buy a new one. It costs much more. And yes, it does look absolutely beautiful on her. In that moment, she realizes why Claudia and Stacey care so much about clothes. But it's also suppose to be a lesson to her for failing to consider the consequences of this financial decision. Kristy doesn't see that as right. However, that lets out an explosion that is so much more than this one simple argument. She feels like her family is no longer her own. It doesn't resemble the life they were living a year ago. That isn't inherently a bad thing. She realizes that during the wedding ceremony. She sees just how happy her mother is with Watson. She doesn't want her to continue suffering like she was for so long. Kristy wants the best for her mother. That includes Watson now too. Their families have come together. This is a beautiful day of celebration. Kristy internalizes her fears. She believes she is being alienated and punished for what she said. Those concerns are simply in her head. Liz doesn't like how they fought either. There just isn't the perfect time to apologize and embrace until much later. Neither one of them wants to get in the way of happiness for the other. They are so generous in that way. They clash because they are stubborn. They have certain values that they embrace. They are independent spirits too. It's a big moment when Kristy gets her period for the first time. She has her friends there to support her. It's not something to be embarrassed about either. She fears that her friends think she is a baby. She isn't. This is a moment of growing up and accepting that things are changing. Adults can be weird too. Richard and Sharon are insanely nervous about seeing each other again for the first time in awhile. That reunion works out though. There is nothing Kristy could do that would kick her out of her family. There is nothing Kristy could do to lose the support of her friends. She has been there for them on so many occasions. She has to trust that they will do the same for her. They do. They want to spend this time together. The future may be uncertain. Liz will come home from her honeymoon as a wife. Two families have become one. Kristy will never get lost in this chaos though. Her life has agency, meaning and importance. She acknowledges that and has the beauty of celebrating with her friends. They can dance the night away. It's a wonderful moment. It's a celebration of friendship. They take care of each other just like they are hired to do as baby-sitters. It's so sweet. It almost plays like a finale moment. But there are still two episodes worth of adventures left for these friends as they prepare for camping during the summer.