Wednesday, August 5, 2020

REVIEW: 'The 100' - Clarke Reunites With Her Friends on Bardo as Hope Makes a Devastating Decision in 'A Little Sacrifice'

The CW's The 100 - Episode 7.10 "A Little Sacrifice"

Sheidheda makes his move. Meanwhile, a Disciple goes rogue.

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"A Little Sacrifice" was written by Nikki Goldwaser and directed by Sherwin Shilati

The audience has been expecting death at some point during this final season. The show has always been more than willing to kill off its main characters. It's fundamentally about life and death for the entire human race. This season has needed to produce a big one that wasn't ambiguous at all. The characters assume that Bellamy is dead. However, that was such a rushed development meant to explain some horrifying actions done. Echo is willing to commit a mass genocide out of vengeance for him. Her friends try to put things into better perspective. They want to help her. And yet, tragedy still befalls the group here. It is absolutely devastating. Diyoza represented such a vicious crew when she was first introduced to the series. Her first appearance confirmed that the world was so much larger than the simple destruction of Earth that was at the heart of the series at that point. She allowed the world to expand. She brought a perspective that came from the world before the apocalypse. She helped ground the narrative about the importance of doing better by the next generation. She wanted a paradise for her daughter. She wanted Hope to have a better life than she did. She understands that her terrorist actions only contributed to the chaos and destruction. A quest for revenge is never the solution. She was devastated when she saw what Hope had become. She was a trained soldier unable to see past her blinding emotions. That once again produces such destructive results. The Disciples live for the collective goal of saving the human race. They see a message that has foretold the last war. They have spent years preparing for it. Bill has been positioned as a god amongst his people. He doesn't see himself as such but that only further showcases just how delusional and narcissistic he actually is. He believes that his quest for the salvation of the human race is more valid than any other path. He thinks he has that legitimacy because he provided a way for people to stay alive when Earth was destroyed. He brought his people to this new planet. He has discovered new mysteries in the universe. He has spent a lifetime trying to understand them. And yet, it all may be painfully lost in translation. The Disciples have built their principles around the relics of the former civilization on Bardo. The scripture connected to the Orbs outlines the last war for humanity. The Disciples have seen the destruction on the surface of the planet. They have the weapons that can eradicate this entire civilization. However, Jordan believes they have translated this text completely wrong. They see this as a coming fight against an insurmountable enemy that previously destroyed a civilization. Jordan sees the potential Judgment Day where one savior will be tasked with representing the sanctity of the entire human race. That responsibility may fall onto Clarke. She has done terrible things in the name of saving her people. Her friends are suffering on Sanctum right now because Sheidheda's reign of terror has begun. He is forcing people to bend the knee in fealty to him once more. Murphy and Emori are trying their best to help the innocent survive as long as they can. There is only so much Indra and Madi can do to fight back against this threat. The nurturing of a better civilization is gone. These threats have returned with a vengeance. Echo has the friends with the necessary clarity to help her avoid making a critical mistake. Raven has that personal connection. Hope only has meaningful relationships with Diyoza and Octavia though. She acts with violence first believing that to be the solution. Clarke knows better than that by now. Diyoza does as well. She wants better for her daughter. As such, she is willing to sacrifice herself knowing that it could save Hope in the end. It's a devastating split-second decision. One Diyoza would make over and over again. Anders is dead. So is Diyoza. Hope is responsible. These two sides of humanity may only be destined to destroy one another. That seems like the same pattern playing out once more. They may not be ready to be judged as a species by the test from the Orb. That may be coming whether they want it or not though. Terrible things have been done in the name of something perceived to be good. People aren't inherently evil even if they are caught up in a misinformed community. The world is so much more than fighting. That may be the life humanity knows though. It's a pattern that may forever repeat. Clarke and her friends fight for something more. They grow and adapt. They have become much more complicated figures than when they started this journey all those years ago. The temptation for violence is always there. It isn't the only answer though. That makes for complicated storytelling. But this hour cements this final season as having the necessary emotional weight to cover whatever the endgame turns out to be. Diyoza will be missed.