Sunday, August 2, 2020

REVIEW: 'Wynonna Earp' - Waverly and Doc Uncover a New Devious Threat in the Garden in 'Friends in Low Places'

Syfy's Wynonna Earp - Episode 4.02 "Friends in Low Places"

Wynonna works with a new ally to rescue her family, but reunions come at a price.

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"Friends in Low Places" was written by Emily Andras and directed by Paolo Barzman

The Garden warps Waverly, Doc and Wynonna's sense of reality. One could argue that they don't actually spend much time there. That period is still incredibly consequential. Wynonna is still fighting to open another door for a significant amount of time in this episode. Waverly and Doc first have to learn that the version of Nicole they are seeing is nothing but an illusion. It's a trick that reveals the Garden is nothing more than a prison. It's an environment designed for one specific purpose. It's suppose to keep Eve confined away from the world. She is a shapeshifter who is quite skilled in manipulating others to get what she wants. The blood donations to the machine are to keep her trapped there. If that system breaks down, then the only solution is for Waverly to sit on the throne. That could very well be her destiny. It's her responsibility as the daughter of an angel. He can no longer fulfill that obligation. He can't protect the Garden. Nor can he save Earth from the devastation that will likely come from Eve's escape. That's what all of this is building towards. This episode introduces this new threat and explains how it can do an incredible amount of damage. Waverly, Doc and Wynonna may feel trapped by fate. However, they have to fight for their bonds to one another. They can't allow them to be destroyed simply because the universe demands something more from them. Wynonna succeeded as the Earp heir because she had the support of her friends. Peacemaker may be gone. These friendships are still alive and thriving. She has to rescue Nicole before she is attacked by a slow moving zombie. She recognizes that she has to rescue Waverly and Doc from the Garden on her own. She is leaving one friend behind to save two other members of their family. That is devastating. Wynonna and Nicole are often annoyed by one another. Nicole sees the value in being honest upfront. Wynonna is always immature and lies in order to help herself. But they also care about each other. Wynonna recognizes just how much Nicole means to Waverly. She will do whatever it takes to protect that bond. It's such a heartwarming moment. The show leaves Nicole and Rachel in a precarious situation where it's likely they could die from these zombies. That doesn't happen. But the show also jumps ahead in time to cover what would have been a lengthy recovery for Nicole after breaking her leg in three places. That's convenient while also highlighting the cost of this venture. Wynonna fights for her family in the Garden. She has to overcome the deceit that has already plagued Doc and Waverly's lives. Eve has used Wynonna's image to convince Doc that she isn't as dangerous as she seems. She deserves compassion and to be released from this prison. Wynonna struggles with the embodiment of this new evil using her face. Her family turns against her. She has to reach out in personal and silly ways to convince them that she is actually here with them now. That moment proves that the attraction between Wynonna and Doc is still strong. The narrative always keeps things intense between them. Their connection goes back and forth. But now, they are able to overcome any former actions done because they are united by a common purpose. Protecting Waverly is vital. She could easily be brainwashed into accepting that she has to sit on the throne. That is seen as a noble sacrifice. It's stripping her of her identity though. Wynonna has to remind her of the beautiful life that's waiting for her back in Purgatory. And yes, it is absolutely gorgeous. When Waverly returns home, she is greeted by Nicole who is more than willing to accept her proposal. Their love remains just as strong as ever. It never faded despite 18 months, three weeks and four days passing. That time apart has weighed on Nicole. Purgatory is no longer what it once was. Wynonna and Doc see bodies hanged in the middle of the street. That's a horrifying and visceral image. One that immediately informs everyone that a new evil has planted their roots here. The family has been reunited from the dimensional worlds calling out for their sacrifice. And yet, several of their allies still have their fates hanging in the balance. In the time apart, a lot could have changed for Nedley, Mercedes, Kate, Jeremy and Robin. That is an exciting way to launch the story for the remainder of the season. The family knows what's important. They will always fight for it. Sometimes, the universe conspires against them and prevents them from embracing that happiness all the time. That could be annoying and repetitive four seasons in. However, this show is stronger than it has ever been because of that intense focus on its characters, their love and their will to survive any threats that come their way through that resilience.