Sunday, August 9, 2020

REVIEW: 'Wynonna Earp' - Wynonna Faces Lethal Accusations While Doc Hunts a Monster in the Woods in 'Look at Them Beans'

Syfy's Wynonna Earp - Episode 4.03 "Look at Them Beans"

Wynonna finds herself on the wrong side of the law and Doc partners with a new demon.

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"Look at Them Beans" was written by Shelley Scarrow and directed by Melanie Scrofano

What is Purgatory without the Earp family? Wynonna, Waverly and Doc spent the start of this season on an epic journey in the Garden. They've been gone from their home for a year and a half. Time has been distorted for them. They were hoping to return to the homestead and be able to enjoy their lives together as a family once more. That hasn't happened. They return to a radically different environment. Their friends and family always know they will return to the homestead no matter what. Nicole can't abandon the sacred home. But she is also traumatized by what happened with the zombies and not knowing if Waverly would ever return to her. It was such a celebration when that moment eventually arrived. She is so happy. And yet, she has grown accustomed to this new world order. She is no longer the sheriff. Purgatory is still overrun with monsters and creatures. However, a new power structure has emerged. It's one where the people in charge give the appearance of law and order but mostly derive fun from seeing others suffer. It's absolutely horrifying. Even familiar faces have been warped by this new reality. Waverly held steadfast in her love for Nicole. She could never forget her even though she was tempted by her sacred duty in the Garden. She had to fight her way back to her. However, Chrissy has spent this time believing that her father was killed. Wynonna was the last person to be seen with Nedley. As such, she has to be hanged for her crimes. All of that has become commonplace in Purgatory. It's horrifying. That imagery immediately proved to Wynonna and Doc that this wasn't the same town they have always known. That was further confirmed when they walked into the bar. Change doesn't necessarily have to be bad. In this instance though, it's clear that everyone is quick to judge and condemn. Wynonna left Nedley with Mercedes. She holds onto hope that he is still alive. And yes, it would have been tragic for the show to kill him offscreen. That uncertainty still rings throughout the narrative though. No one knows exactly what happened. In the end, he ran into the woods and was turned into the creature that is terrifying the town. He is completely unaware of his actions. He doesn't know all that he did while in that state. A base consciousness was always present though. It was driving him back to the homestead. That's where family is. Nicole saw a monster. It was the latest instance of a demon trying to destroy all that the Earp family had built. It was only upon the return of their family that they released what has happened to Nedley and save him. It's a massive victory. It ensures that Wynonna has redemption in the eyes of the town. And yet, the new magistrate still wanted to feed her to the beast. She saw that as the necessary measure to keep order in this community. She justifies all of this as making the best of a bad situation for the entire town. She's taking advantage of those primal fears though. She turns the community against one another. One that plays according to her little games. Yes, it's fun that a chili cook-off will determine which of the prisoners is set free. It's outrageous and laughable that Wynonna wins. That keeps the hour light though. It's pleasurable while still advancing the plot. This episode is very introductory of this new setup for Purgatory. A new bar for demons has opened up, with Tim Rozon once again proving he has sexual chemistry with absolutely everyone. The border is locked down probably by Black Badge, with Jeremy working for them and being the last to learn about Wynonna, Waverly and Doc's returns. The Nedley family is reunited and heading out of town. Order may not be restored for awhile. The conflict that Wynonna faces seems personal but she doesn't understand the cause of it just yet. All of this ensures that the family still can't be happy despite the Earp curse being broken. Sure, that comes out of the show needing to continue and keep telling stories. It has to evolve over time. It hasn't lost its charms though. So, I remain curious as to where all of this going especially now that Wynonna has been taken prisoner once more by the conclusion of the hour.