Sunday, August 16, 2020

REVIEW: 'Wynonna Earp' - Wynonna Is Marked by a Dangerous Threat That Has Immediate Consequences for Rachel in 'Afraid'

Syfy's Wynonna Earp - Episode 4.04 "Afraid"

Wynonna faces down an ancient enemy as Waverly and Nicole search for help.

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"Afraid" was written by Matt Doyle and directed by Ron Murphy

Wynonna needs her team. So much is projected onto her because of her reputation. She is the Earp heir who kills demons. Here, Black Badge believes she is a skilled agent who must be recruited to the cause once more. The organization is no longer defunct. It is operational again because of the numerous demons in Purgatory. They have locked down the border believing it to be the best thing. They can contain this mystery without letting it fully out into the world. Of course, supernatural beings are around present throughout this universe. Black Badge isn't containing anything. Moreover, the team has feelings of anger towards them because of what happened to Dolls. He had to sacrifice himself seemingly because of the dysfunction and corruption of this organization. They don't need Black Badge in order to survive. And now, it no longer seems as if this organization is a threat that will compromise whatever Wynonna and her team are hoping to achieve. They can simply be the logistical unit that helps get supplies in and out of the city. Wynonna and her friends can deal with the threats that lurk throughout the town. They still don't quite know everything that is going on either. Wynonna is happy to see Jeremy again. He is back to being a loyal but subdued agent for Black Badge. It's thrilling when he gets to show off his brilliance. He still feels the need to hide who he truly is and what he is capable of doing. He extends that same philosophy to Wynonna. He wants to protect her while also understanding that this town and this government agency need her help. Her skills are needed in order to handle the monster in the woods. The supplies keep getting hijacked. Wynonna doesn't find the monster. Instead, she finds a new way to clash with Doc. He has teamed with the local demons. He made that deal seeing it as personally beneficial. He is learning how to navigate this new world order. Waverly and Nicole still have a lot of questions. Some characters are choosing to withhold some details. That makes it easier for the outside threat to come in and disrupt this happy life they want to be living. It's all born out of betrayals and clashes from generations ago. Wynonna and her family realize that Wyatt Earp's human rivals, the Clantons, still have descendants in town. The new sheriff is one. The new magistrate is one. The owner of the junkyard is one. Even Rachel's new crush is one. The show seems to rush through a couple of these developments in order for big and sweeping things to happen. However, the beats all make sense and eventually add up to a compelling story. One about the anger and vitriol for families to carry grudges and animosity across time. Wynonna wanted to escape from the curse that has plagued her family for generations. She succeeded in doing so. She still has to fight various supernatural threats in order to keep her family safe. She has succeeded in that as well. She has reunited her team. Jeremy walks away from Black Badge knowing that this team is the greatest asset the government has in managing this situation. But all of this is in service to a new familial identity. The Clantons have kept their hatred for the Earps alive. That animosity still fuels their actions. Billy doesn't see the point in carrying on the hatred of the past. He wants to bond with Rachel. He has feelings for her. He will make a huge sacrifice for her. She was never targeted though. Wynonna was because Cleo is reckless and impulsive. The family matriarch isn't that way. That ensures this threat is sinister and practical. She knows to target Nicole because she was so desperate to get her family back from the Garden. Even though they have been reunited, she still has to pay for the actions she made during their time away. It's all complicated with the Rachel and Billy stuff being incredibly forced. Now, Rachel needs the team to save Billy after he breaks from his family and may be condemned to serve as a Reaper moving forward. Wynonna, Waverly, Nicole and Doc recognize that importance though. They are a team that thrives together even though Peacemaker is missing. They can always rely on each other despite some of the decisions made. Nicole wants to shield herself from the pain of life without Waverly. Doc still succumbs to the pleasures of life as a vampire. And yet, Wynonna always has the perfect quip to reassure the audience that everything will work out even though Nicole's life is seemingly on the line by the end of the hour. That attack will be much more personal and strategic because the Clanton heir has been planing for this in a way that Cleo wasn't when she decided to mark Wynonna here.