Sunday, August 30, 2020

REVIEW: 'Wynonna Earp' - Wynonna and Doc Have Different Ideas of How to Confront the Clanton Family in 'Holy War: Part 2'

Syfy's Wynonna Earp - Episode 4.06 "Holy War: Part 2"

The gang races to save one of their own, but are hindered by unseen forces.

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"Holy War: Part 2" was written by Brendon Yorke and directed by Ron Murphy

The enemies of the Earp family are still coming. It doesn't matter that the curse has been broken. Wynonna is no longer the Earp heir. And yet, supernatural threats are still targeting her family. She feels defenseless and powerless without Peacemaker. It's a priority for her to regain her trusted weapon. It allows her to kill any threat that comes her way. When she is making her epic plea for her gun to reveal itself to her, she says that killing is necessary to ensure that those she loves are kept safe. The gun obviously responds to that message. It allows Wynonna and Rosita to be victorious against the demon nun. But again, this season is forcing everyone to reckon with what comes next after the killing and the fateful curses. Wynonna still feels drawn to be the protector of her family. She isn't the only one with skills. Waverly's body is a weapon. She can head into battle without needing protection. She is powerful. Her connection with Nicole is strong even across different dimensions. Ma'am makes the argument that grudges are just as deep as love. Her hatred for Doc is enough to guide the family back home from the Garden. She is the reason why Doc could open a door and return with Wynonna and Waverly. She takes credit for that. She underestimates Waverly. She wants Doc to suffer. In the end, Waverly kills Ma'am. She doesn't grasp the extent of her own power just yet. It's incredibly lethal though. Sheriff Holt is devastated when he returns home to find his mother has been killed. She is the head of the family who has been fueling this grudge between the Earps and Clantons for a long time. She is the most devoted to the cause. She was even willing to turn her son into a Reaper. Billy is the one who comes after Waverly after she is marked. That's mostly just a convenient way for Nicole to communicate with Waverly. It sets the stage for that fateful confrontation. But it's also fascinating to see the convictions when it comes to these deadly actions. Holt and Doc hope to agree to peace. They have a sit down in the hopes of being able to live peaceful together. They no longer want to be marred by the sins of the past. They want the future to look more hopeful. Neither of them get the chance to take this offer to their respective families. It seems too late for any meaningful change to occur. As Doc points out though, there is always another way to avoid the worst possible outcome. It's simply a matter of if a person is willing to pursue that goal. Sometimes vengeance just leads to bloodshed. Is that the fate that fits the situation though? Ma'am is targeting the Earp family with such viciousness. It's hard to believe that she could let this grudge go. However, Sheriff Holt had a willingness to do just that. He no longer wanted to be defined by tragedy that happened over a century ago. It doesn't matter that the person responsible for that violence is still alive. He can have a conversation with Doc. They can negotiate a deal. Wynonna may only see that as a diversion though. She holds animosity towards the Clanton family because she learns that Rosita was going to give Alice to them in exchange for her freedom. She survived the curse being broken because she was incredibly lucky. She just happened to be standing on the rocks that could prevent Revenants from disappearing. She is allowed to find peace elsewhere. Once the demon nun is vanquished, that place can start offering potential salvation to those who were caught in the crossfire of dangerous actions. Wyatt Earp was a complicated man. One who sometimes forced others to commit the most heinous of actions. Doc wants to escape that. He wants to atone for it by being better. He is still indebted to an Earp though. He fights alongside Wynonna. He loves her. But she is now the one who responds quickly with violence. She doesn't give much thought to the potential repercussions. She sees death as an absolute conclusion. That is the only way to ensure that her family is safe and her enemies won't return to do more harm. It's much more complicated than that. She held a grudge against Rosita. And now, they are forced to work together. They don't want to abide by the demon that wants to satisfy herself with their petty drama. They overcome it. They can work together. Some threats do ultimately have to be killed. Was that the perfect way to end this current conflict? Doc doesn't think so. As such, he may have to walk away from Wynonna. He can enjoy the celebration of Waverly and Nicole finally getting engaged. That is a moment that plays out to completion here. They deserve it after they were rudely interrupted the first time. They are perfect together. This happiness will last forever. Nothing can break that bond. Wynonna and Doc remain on a roller coaster of emotions though. They both run hot and act before they think. That is such destructive energy. One that may actually call into question the efficacy of how Wynonna fights against demons. This threat may be gone. But this behavior may be rationalized to the point of preventing her from evolving to something more. Those opportunities are given over and over again. There is always hope for redemption and love. People have to be uplifted. Right now, Wynonna is left to drink alone in her sadness. She is happy for her sister. However, she is lost because Doc doesn't understand her reasoning for also killing Holt.