Saturday, September 5, 2020

REVIEW: 'Away' - Kwesi Keeps the Faith Amongst the Crew Even When the Water System Starts to Fail in 'A Little Faith'

Netflix's Away - Episode 1.06 "A Little Faith"

Tempers flare on the Atlas over a water-system glitch and an act of betrayal. As Matt works on the ship's issue, he accidentally meets Lex's new friend.

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"A Little Faith" was written by Janine Nabers and directed by David Boyd

Kwesi's faith has been his predominate characteristic so far. An episode was always coming that would explain his backstory and provide more depth for his journey to Mars. It was expected an episode ago. It occurs here. It's actually a pretty compelling story. It highlights how his faith is essentially him showing his trust in his colleagues. They face a daunting mechanical problem. A solution may not be forthcoming. Misha's skills as an engineer may be failing him because he has been hiding just how bad his eyesight truly is now. He has tried to maintain a sense of dignity. He refused to be honest with the crew. But now, they are counting on him to fix the problem with the water filtration system. They need this system to work in order to make it to Mars. They are surrounded by water. However, they need the mechanics of the ship to work properly to ensure this journey is a success. They all trust each other now. That's what makes it a big deal when Misha reveals the truth. He has been keeping this from them. Emma and Ram have known that his vision was becoming a problem. He was able to lie his way through the exam on several occasions. He still pleads with them to let him handle this massive task. He has the skills to do so. He claims he can do so without his eyes. He has been trained to do exactly that. In the end though, the crew has to find peace within a compromise. It's a solution that will still allow them to get to Mars. It just means having to cut back on their water supplies. Some luxuries of this venture will disappear. That includes the garden Kwesi has been growing. Gardening connects him back to his roots. It has always been a part of his life. It's wonderful to see the crew admire all of it as well. They understand the value of Kwesi's work. They help him. They appreciate being in that space where new life is growing. It's marvelous. It's a huge achievement. It has to be sacrificed for the greater good. It's absolutely devastating. However, the visual of these plants growing is just one aspect of seeing the power of faith amongst this team. It's also showcased amongst them. They can come together during a crisis. That was in doubt earlier this season. Matt and Lex struggle to connect back on Earth. The team at mission control doesn't have any further insights into how to help the Atlas crew survive either. It's a puzzle that doesn't make sense to anyone just yet. Matt is hoping to come up with a brilliant solution. However, that may not be coming anytime soon. He is devoted to it. He fosters his connection with Emma. He lifts her up when she doubts herself. Lex has to do that for her father as well. That just leaves her with feeling the pressure to keep aspects of her life hidden from him. Matt wants her to be open and honest. She just doesn't trust those instincts with him the same way she did with her mom. She misses her. She can leave messages for her. That's what their interactions will be like now. It's different. She doesn't know everything that is going on either. She knows that her mom is still out there. She is proud and filled with hope. That's her version of faith. She trusts that the world will guide Emma through this mission. Kwesi has the same trust and respect for his colleagues. It's not him trying to say that God will watch over them even when they are being tested. Instead, it's all about seeing the beauty and power of the world around him. As a young boy, Kwesi was afraid and mad at the world after his parents were killed. He was adopted by a new family. They were deeply religious. He didn't know how to translate that to his own life. It felt like some people were more deserving of happiness than his own family. In reality, it's just a way to guide oneself through whatever life has to bring. Kwesi is grounded in that. Being in space is a new experience for him. However, he instinctively knows that his team supports him and will embrace his garden even when it has to die so they can all survive. The team may butt heads every once in awhile. That may be a result of dehydration. But that trust and respect is still there. Kwesi expresses that through his faith while others show it through their actions.