Wednesday, September 23, 2020

REVIEW: 'The 100' - Clarke and Octavia Are Willing to Sacrifice Everything to Save Madi in 'The Dying of the Light'

The CW's The 100 - Episode 7.15 "The Dying of the Light"

Clarke and Octavia mount a desperate rescue mission as the Disciples close in on what they want.

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"The Dying of the Light" was written by Kim Shumway and directed by Ian Samoil

How far would you be willing to go to protect those you love? That has been the question continually asked throughout the entire series run. Clarke would do anything to save her people. And yet, it has been exhausting for so many people to keep finding a way to survive in a bleak, apocalyptic world. Every opportunity they had to start over seemed to fail because of the destruction of mankind. They have been faced to make brutal choices that have haunted them for years. They want to be at peace. They don't know if their stories will ever have an ending like that though. They once again are faced with a threat that could destroy their entire way of life. Madi believes she is doing the right thing by cooperating with Bill. She thinks that she is ensuring the safety of those she cares about. He knows that she possesses the information he seeks. He will keep sending threats until he gets what he wants. She gives in believing it's the best possible solution. She makes the choice without allowing anyone else in on the process. It infuriates Clarke even though that's how she has behaved throughout the entire series. She gains a new perspective as a parent. She fears how much pain she caused her mother. She regrets that now. But she still has to take fierce and decisive action now to protect Madi. She knows Bill can't be trusted. He sent a bomb as soon as Madi surrendered herself to him. However, Madi has to make this sacrifice for her friends. Now, the show spent only a few moments actually developing any true friendships for her on Sanctum. The narrative was more intrigued by her desire to be normal even though these dire situations always demanded her to be more than she was capable of handling. In the end, she is prevented from every be able to return to the peace and simplicity of normal life. She makes this grueling sacrifice. Bill kills her in order to get what he wants. She eventually recalls the memory of Becca saying that Bill wasn't noble enough to see what's on the other side of this venture into the unknown. He argues that he has evolved after being alive for generations. He has transcended and allowed others to follow him on this path. And yet, he is so blinded by his need to see his daughter again that he kills Madi for it and leaves her behind as soon as she no longer serves her purpose. It's cold and callous. Clarke and Octavia are horrified when they find out. Madi has suffered a stroke and lost all ability to function. She is still alive. Clarke and Octavia want to end her suffering. This loss is profound to them. But their final priority is to stop Bill. Madi isn't technically dead yet even though Levitt affirms that she can't recover from this injury. She is the latest casualty in Clarke's life. She doesn't want to be surrounded by death. That has seemingly been her life though. In this need to survive, she has only jumped from war to war and lost people she cared about every step of the way. It's still important to fight for what's right. Clarke and Octavia understand that Bill can't be presented as the sole representative for all of humanity. He has not gained any maturity or tranquility in all of his years. Clarke struggles as well to calm all the voices in her head when she sits down with Gaia. This conflict is still coming to a head though. It will have its fateful conclusion. One that ensures even more death and destruction. That shakes Levitt's world. He has seen this horror virtually. But now, it has arrived at Bardo. He sees the stakes of this war and what his love for Octavia has facilitated. He still supports her. He knows how much more fulfilling life can be now. He has compassion and consideration for Madi when he is combing through her mind. When he is forced out of the room, Bill is free to do whatever he wants no matter the consequences. That's heinous and proves him to be a monster who has to be stopped. He is blind in his pursuit and believes that his suffering is more valid than others. Plenty are in pain. Some are choosing to embrace their key relationships instead of trying to save the world. Some are willing to make the sacrifices for all mankind. Emori is strong enough to know that her friends should save the world instead of her if that's what the choice has to be. Murphy isn't strong enough for that. Neither is Raven. They will fight for their friend because they love her. That is just as important. Again, it's about surviving with the choices made. Some things have to be bigger than the fear of destruction. If this is the end, some want to just be together with those they love. Others are willing to fight and ensure survival is spread out to everyone in the world. The fate of humanity is in question. Another character dies. And now, it's up to Clarke and Octavia to decide just how brutal this final conflict is going to be as a result.