Friday, September 4, 2020

REVIEW: 'The Boys' - Homelander Invades Becca's Life as the Boys Hunt a Super Terrorist in 'Proper Preparation and Planning'

Amazon's The Boys - Episode 2.02 "Proper Preparation and Planning"

The Boys get themselves a Super Terrorist, Starlight gets evidence against Vought, The Deep gets in touch with his feelings, and Homelander gets himself a family (sort of). All that, and a hard-hitting exposé on why Super Suits don't have pockets.

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"Proper Preparation and Planning" was written by Rebecca Sonnenshine and directed by Liz Friedlander

Butcher saw Becca again. It was only for a second though. It was enough to confirm that she is still alive. She is a mother to a son. He desperately writes down all the clues that can possibly lead to her location. But it's all in service of his vengeful quest to return to her. He will do absolutely anything in order to reunite with her. He won't let anything come between him and that objective. He now knows that it's something solid worth fighting for. He knows he's not chasing after a ghost. He has to protect her because Homelander has now invaded her life. She is terrified of him like so many are. She doesn't want him around her. She doesn't want him corrupting her son. And yet, she is powerless to change anything about this situation. Her entire life now is under constant monitoring. She has no real sense of freedom. She believes she has a voice when it comes to how her son is being raised. In reality though, she may just be the latest experiment to see how people with powers are evolving. Homelander didn't believe he could have children. He was stunned when he learned the truth. He wants to be a part of his son's life. But he also wants his son to be praised and uplifted as a god. He wants him to be just as extraordinary and powerful as he was at that age. He believes it's necessary. He won't get bored of this mission. It's too important. He needs someone to sympathize with his plight in life. That's so destructive though. Homelander commits war crimes with such frequency. No one challenges him because they are terrified of how he'll react. Becca does her best to stand up to him. But he still wields absolute power. He is intimidating. He could give this uplifting moment to Butcher and then cruelly take it away a second later. It means Butcher is even more pompous and reckless than ever before. He reaches out to Mallory once more despite his promise to her. He is still likely to get everyone killed because they follow him on this mission. Hughie, MM and Frenchie present a united front. They can't formulate a solid plan by themselves. They still need Butcher in that regard because he isn't afraid to do anything. That's dangerous and frequently puts them in precarious positions. But their presence is necessary in order to remember the humanity of it all. Butcher views all Supes as dangerous creatures who should be eliminated from the planet. He sees possible leverage to get back to his wife. He will make any deal to get closer to that ideal. He hopes that Mallory can track her down. There is no guarantee though. The government thought they had the upper hand against Vought at one point. But now, they are forced to accept the help of superheroes. Vought continues to create more as well. Kimiko is reunited with her brother. It's a surprising but emotionally earned moment. She wanted this more than anything. He is her family. She is a member of the Boys now. She is powerful. However, she feels full when she is with him. However, she also has to stop him from going on a super-powered rampage. He wants revenge against the hero who destroyed his village. Those feelings are just as rational and powerful as the motivations for the other members of the Boys. They understand. And yet, he has to be knocked out in order to be traded away. Kimiko thinks her friends will protect Kenji. That isn't guaranteed though. Hughie, MM and Frenchie will take that stand. But they can't always protect the people who get caught up in their conflicts. Annie is terrified to have a vile of Compound-V. A-Train is always around to catch her with it. She is capable of blackmailing him too to create mutually assured destruction. That shows that she is becoming more and more comfortable with some of the cruel and intimidating tactics at Vought. New addition Stormfront also brings a fascinating perspective to the team as someone who refuses to tow the company line. She hasn't faced much pushback to that just yet. She too has an aura of being unbreakable. That comes from having powers. And yet, Maeve knows she can't keep Elena safe just because she is powerful. She too fears what Homelander is capable of doing. That's the scariest thought to her. And so, everyone tiptoes around him while he chooses which person whose life he can invade to seek some kind of emotional fulfillment he doesn't know how to properly or respectfully handle.