Thursday, December 31, 2020

REVIEW: 'Chilling Adventures of Sabrina' - A New Threat Arrives to Greendale in 'Chapter Twenty-Nine: The Eldritch Dark'

Netflix's Chilling Adventures of Sabrina - Episode 2.09 "Chapter Twenty-Nine: The Eldritch Dark"

As an all-consuming darkness trickles into town, Sabrina grapples with feeling like the odd witch out - and makes a risky plan for a whirlwind trip.

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"Chapter Twenty-Nine: The Eldritch Dark" was written by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa & Gigi Swift and directed by Jeff Woolnough

Sabrina believed she had found a way to have everything she has always wanted in her life. She would no longer have to be pulled in so many different directions because of what the world at large expected her to be. She could be a half-witch on Earth and the Queen of Hell. She simply had to create a new version of herself. The smart and sensible thing would have been to tie off the time loop double to ensure no damage would be done to the time space continuum. Sabrina has different priorities. Her life has been defined by an identity crisis. That anxiety has always created problems for her. As such, she viewed this as a way to fully embrace all that she was capable of being. She didn't have to choose which path to pursue while walking away from the other for good. However, Sabrina Spellman starts to grow curious as to what Sabrina Morningstar's life is like. Ambrose gives her the sensible advice of finding peace with the path she has chosen. It could absolutely be a mistake for two versions of her to be living at the same time. The only way it can succeed is if they never interact with each other. They can't be a part of each other's lives. They have to go their separate ways to fully embrace what these lives could be. That leads to Sabrina questioning her choice though. She fears that her life as a half-witch is boring because her friends have changed. She's the one who has changed the most. All of their lives have changed dramatically over the course of the series. Their lives have expanded because Sabrina is open with her powers. But Sabrina also believes that her human friends only value her as a witch. They run to her when some supernatural threat comes up. When it's just an average day at school, they are paired off and leave her alone. Sabrina doesn't like that feeling. She feels alienated because she isn't dating anyone. Of course, she doesn't need a boyfriend in order to be validated in life. She still ends up accepting two dates by the end of this hour. That's still her natural instinct. She breaks the rules of the world and doesn't expect to deal with the consequence. Greendale is under siege once more. Blackwood has brought forth the Eldritch Terrors. The first plague is darkness. It looms over the town throughout this episode. Everyone has to work together as a cohesive team to stop it from spreading to the entire world. The threat grows very quickly. The evil is vanquished seemingly because the two Sabrinas work together. They accept that they can never be lonely because they have each other. Their lives in their separate realities may not be all that they expected. However, they can rely on each other for constant support. That may only encourage more bad behavior though. Sabrina will look to herself for approval regarding the crazy and insane ideas she has about how to save the world. She views all of this as being sensible. She doesn't have to give up anything. She can remain engaged in every aspect of her life. She doesn't have to remove one part whatsoever. She can have dance parties with herself. One goes off to Hell. The other goes to school. They can share notes over how life develops. Ambrose is the only person who knows that Sabrina is operating in this way. It's dangerous. The coven may succeed in defeating the evil that Blackwood has unleashed on the town. That's still a daunting task because it requires so much collective power even when Blackwood isn't interfering to further complicate the stakes. The forces of evil will likely be defeated. The town will be saved with the average human being none the wiser about the supernatural forces at work in their lives. And yet, it may still end in a catastrophic way because Sabrina has grown reckless. Again, she sees this as a form of freedom. It's a way for her to live her life to the fullest. She believes she doesn't have to make a choice about where she belongs in the world. That may doom her and her friends because she isn't committing to a path. It's scary. She fears making the wrong decision and having to deal with the repercussions forever. She doesn't know which path to choose because so many things excite her. It's thrilling to have all of these opportunities. It's also selfish to believe there won't be any consequences for trying to control every aspect of life. Sabrina is falling into this trap. Her attention is divided. She has juggled a lot for so long. This decision may unravel her in a way that is extremely costly. She may not see it now. However, the audience should be very worried about what's to come.