Wednesday, December 16, 2020

REVIEW: 'The Expanse' - Drummer Unearths Ashford's Final Message as Avasarala Fights to Expose a Conspiracy in 'Mother'

Amazon's The Expanse - Episode 5.03 "Mother"

Naomi comes face to face with Filip. Holden and Fred turn the tables. Avasarala closes in on Marco's plot.

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"Mother" was written by Dan Nowak and directed by Thomas Jane

It's crazy for Avasarala to suggest that Marco has weaponized asteroids with stealth technology and aimed them directly at Earth. She only has her suspicions as well. She knows this terrorist will continue to attack the systems that have governed this universe for a long time. The world is expanding at the moment. And yet, so many people are still carrying the pain of the past with them. Naomi left this life a long time ago. She is labeled as a traitor by the true believers. Her old colleagues are willing to share a drink with her and reminisce about the adventures they once had. Their interests are no longer aligned though. She wants to save her son, Filip, from this life. She wants him to escape before he is killed in the crossfire. She desperately wants him to listen to her. And yet, he has no reason to believe her. He has grown up with stories of why she abandoned him. He has longed for this moment. And now, he uses it essentially as a way to gain power for himself. She offers him a chance at freedom. He uses that opportunity to further incentivize his cause. He has taken her prisoner which will only make this more personal. Sure, it will allow her to have more time with her son. She will try to convince Filip that his father has raised him with radical beliefs. No good can come from the killing of millions of innocent lives. But the damage has now been done. A chain of communication still exists between Drummer, Fred Johnson and Avasarala. The information is passed along in the hopes of getting to Earth in time before destruction occurs. It's too late though. Marco has shown just how big he is capable of thinking. He has the ability to launch this kind of attack as well. Avasarala is labeled as the conspiracy theorist who doesn't know when to give up. It would be easier for her to retire and enjoy time with her family once more. She has always felt the call to serve the people of Earth. She will continue to do so even though she has a much smaller role now. She wants to sound the alarms. She believes something terrible is going to happen. She only gets confirmation right as the asteroid flies past the weapons placed to eliminate any threat that comes towards Earth. Every system failed. Countless lives will now be lost as a result of that. That will send the entire universe spinning. Earth has long been the power player of this world. It didn't see this attack coming. It couldn't defend its citizens. That means it will have less stature in everything moving forward. That too will be a devastating blow. People are starting to realize just how little control they actually have. It's miraculous hearing Alex talk about the protomolecule kicking off a chain of events that sets off the rules of physics. So many characters have faced the impossible in that regard. They have conquered it and opened doors for more to travel through. That has all been impressive. The systems are still vulnerable though. One person cannot prevent this kind of destruction from happening. Ashford tried his best. He died. Drummer is left to mourn him. She shuts herself off and is reluctant to open up to the crew. It's easier to go charging after Marco. He is responsible for all of this. And yet, he too has inspired so many to take action. They are devout believers too. They sign off on his methods. It's a movement that welcomes this kind of mass destruction. People worry about the species that wiped out the creators of the protomolecule. And yet, humanity is still all too frequently at odds with itself. The various fractions of people lay traps for their adversaries to fall into. Sometimes it works out to their benefit. Other times, it remains precarious and lives are lost. It's a complete unknown. That's why it's important to have something worth fighting for. It's also necessary to know when to fight and when to sit back for other opportunities to step in. The connections amongst the ensemble aren't lost. They are simply up against a daunting system of chaotic and complex relations throughout all humanity. Things are closer to home this season. It's not an exploration of new worlds meant to unlock new mysteries. Instead, the danger lurks all too close. It's familiar and known. It forces people to reckon with the sins of the past before being able to embrace the future. Yes, more opportunities are available in the system than ever before. People carry their prejudices and hatred with them to these new worlds. Fights still occur. Government leaders can still only do so much to protect their people. Personal responsibility is necessary in order to cope. It's still noble and honorable to strive for more optimistic ideals. The crew fights for a better future. One that is worth saving. The threats are constant. The need for more empathy is just as profound as well even though the attack on Earth will serve as a crucial turning point in history.