Sunday, December 6, 2020

REVIEW: 'The Flight Attendant' - Cassie's Actions Have Dangerous Consequences for Her Friends in 'Other People's Houses'

HBO Max's The Flight Attendant - Episode 1.05 "Other People's Houses"

With Miranda on her tail and the FBI closing in, Cassie enlists Max in a plan that involves breaking and entering, computer fraud and too much vodka. Meanwhile, Annie is forced to repay an ominous favor to a client, and Megan's secrets threaten to come to light.

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"Other People's Houses" was written by Ticona S. Joy and directed by Glen Winter

Cassie is attracted to the disaster. She positions herself as a hero. She runs towards the danger to help people. And yet, that's simply the justification in her mind for all the terrible decisions she has made throughout her life. She knows that her father was an alcoholic. She knows that she doesn't want to be just like him. She is though. She suffers from the same disease in the same disastrous ways. She can function in society. However, she welcomes a lot of danger as well. Anyone who is caught in her orbit is at risk of being ruined as a result of that. Her presence may not have led to Alex being murdered. Every action she has taken after that though has only ensured that more people will get hurt. The people chasing her want to believe she is some incredible intelligence officer or a co-conspirator. In reality, she is a deeply flawed individual who sees this disaster as being necessary in her life. It's horrendous and leads to Max's likely death. That is an incredibly tragic moment. Cassie and Max bond over the idea that they would do anything for Annie. She is that supportive friend everyone needs in their life. However, Annie had to compromise her ethics and her job in order to help Cassie. Her best friend still threatens her well-being as well. Max hacked information for Annie. And now, Cassie is freely telling Van all about it. Meanwhile, Annie has to smuggle pills into a prison to silence a man from talking about the gang he is associated with. It's a difficult time for Annie. She wants a simple life. She had that safety and security before Cassie came in with the trauma of what happened in Bangkok. Annie has tried her best to help. As a lawyer, she knows how to navigate Cassie being targeted by the FBI for her potential involvement. Time and time again though, Cassie has proven that she is connected to this case no matter what. She always happens to show up to create complications. Max is eager to help her because he too is intrigued by the high stakes drama. It's perilous as they hide in a closet after Miranda also breaks into Alex's apartment. Again, Miranda doesn't entirely come across as a skilled assassin at the top of her game. The narrative overwhelmingly stating that she is starting to get sloppy is the only reasonable way that Cassie has survived this long to uncover all of this information. What Cassie finds is a rude awakening of who Alex is. That, in turn, forces some introspection as well. Again, the figure in Cassie's mind isn't Alex. She wants to believe he is. She even romanticizes their dynamic. She kisses him after they make a breakthrough. He helps her figure out the next lead. Her mind is incredibly sharp and tactful when it chooses to be. However, her subconscious also wants her to confront these troubling patterns. She has always casually ignored the despair felt by those around her. She is very selfish. She wants to be the center of attention. It's all about how she is reacting in any given moment. However, she is very rarely the one who has to deal with the most serious consequences. Sure, she is trying to save Max's life after he is hit with a car. That loss will be more acutely felt by Annie though. That will make her question whether this friendship is fundamentally worth it. She is trying to save someone who is always running into disasters. Cassie wants to be good in the middle of a crisis. She has never shown those instincts though. She is waiting for her big moment to be a hero. That's why she pursues this investigation so fiercely. Every step of the way only welcomes more disaster. Despair consumes her life. Sure, all of these clues may add up to something more if the FBI ever decides to trust the information she unravels. But it's a much more visceral journey through Cassie's own identity. She fears being killed at any moment now. She is always looking over her shoulder. She is right to be afraid. But again, she is given the freedom to survive which will only bring more dangerous consequences to whomever still decides to be a part of her life. How long a person decides to stay with her is truly indicative of their own character as well. They may hope for the best. The pattern has yet to be broken so far though.