Monday, January 25, 2021

REVIEW: '9-1-1' - The Mudslide Leaves Athena Trapped in a Collapsed House Needing to Be Rescued in 'Alone Together'

FOX's 9-1-1 - Episode 4.02 "Alone Together"

In the aftermath of the dam break, massive mudslides wreak havoc throughout Los Angeles. As Athena fights to save herself and an agoraphobic woman after her house collapses, Bobby, Hen and Eddie rush to save hikers endangered by the falling of the Hollywood sign. Meanwhile, Buck and Chimney must rescue a group of pregnant women trapped in a submerged house.

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"Alone Together" was written by Lyndsey Beaulieu and directed by David Grossman

One disaster triggers another. The first responders have to deal with these converging disasters. The story basically keeps the dam bursting emergencies contained to the premiere and the subsequent mudslide to this episode. It's a solid way to structure the stories at the start of the season. They still influence one another. Athena returned to the field in order to help people evacuate their homes before this second disaster occurred. She just happened to get trapped in a collapsing house with a woman who was terrified to leave. It's okay to be afraid. That can be a powerful emotion that helps people maintain a grip on the stakes of their lives. However, it can't be paralyzing and all-consuming. That's where danger creeps in. Athena and Sylvia have to find the resolve necessary to make it out of this precarious situation. They are still equipped with the skills and tools needed to survive. Athena doesn't panic in the same way that May does. Her daughter is listening in from the 911 call center. She worries that her mother returning to the field was a mistake that only invites more tragedy upon this family. She argues for her mother to return home safely to her. Athena doesn't abandon innocent lives in the field though. She can't allow Sylvia to surrender to this tragedy. It forces her to confess just how powerless she felt when she was assaulted. She feared returning to the job because she would second guess every decision she made. However, she knows exactly what she is doing. She knows how to help people in their times of need. She can save Sylvia's life. There is no reason why she needs to die in the house that kept her confined for so long. She can rally and become engaged with her life once more. She doesn't need to die because her sister was killed in an accident years ago. She has suffered from survivor's guilt. Her life has been frozen in time since that tragedy. As such, it's easy for her to condition her mind into believing that this is the ending she deserves. She doesn't need to take down Athena with her especially when she has a family waiting for her back home. Athena refuses to give up. As a result, both are saved. It takes quick thinking. And yet, the world is pushing for their survival and rescue. Those systems are in place to make that a reliable outcome. People fear being all alone in the world. Those feelings have only been amplified by the pandemic. But these first responders arrive with the willingness and compassion to make a difference and ensure that the people of this city are seen and respected. It's terrifying when Chimney and Buck hear a baby cry out for help amidst the wreckage. It's even more traumatic when the rumble reveals that several pregnant teens are being held against their will. They are rescued. The first responders know how to execute that mission. Chimney knows how to delivery a baby as well once labor starts for one of them. However, he truly has to step up and react with empathy when he has to connect with his patient on fearing the unknown especially when one feels all alone in the world. He chose to move out in order to keep Maddie and the baby safe. That decision has put distance in their relationship. Their virtual connection isn't as strong as in person. That's a struggle that so many couples have faced over the last year. It's important to keep these connections alive and vibrant. People need to understand that the world will react with compassion and strength no matter what might happen. It may be confusing at times like it is for the three young hikers near the Hollywood sign. And yet, people will fundamentally rally around a noble cause. The show is optimistic and overall hopeful in that regard. Disagreements occur. All it may take to improve the world is seeking the help necessary when the time comes for it. There is no shame in that. It's perfectly healthy for Buck to be in therapy. He is doing some self-reflection. That should very much leave everyone hopeful about what might happen next in his life especially because he is surrounded by people who love him - though he does have a new roommate in Albert now. Michael has that with David as well despite the routine they now have to go through after a day of him working at the hospital. And Hen has that at home as well with everyone supporting her as she takes her virtual classes to become a doctor.