Monday, January 18, 2021

REVIEW: 'Bob Hearts Abishola' - Abishola's Husband Returns to Offer His Family a Different Life in 'The Wrong Adebambo'

CBS' Bob Hearts Abishola - Episode 2.07 "The Wrong Adebambo"

When Abishola's husband, Tayo, makes a surprise visit from Nigeria to Detroit, Bob sees this as a perfect opportunity for Abishola to ask for a divorce, but Abishola is surprised when past feelings for her husband come up.

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"The Wrong Adebambo" was directed by Kristy Cecil with story by Al Higgins, Matt Ross & Gloria Bigelow and teleplay by Dave Goetsch, Gina Yashere & Marla DuMont

Bob and Abishola got engaged at the start of this season. Abishola was reluctant to accept the proposal at first because of everything that would be needed in order for them to actually get married. And yet, they made the commitment to one another. They want each other in their lives for as long as they can. They have found a happiness together that they wish to cherish. Not a whole lot has been done with their engagement after that development. The episodes since then have largely focused on the everyday lives of these two people and those who make up their crazy lives. It has still been rewarding. However, it's also necessary for the show to put a little bit of pressure on this relationship. The introduction of Tayo to the narrative is crucial in that regard. His presence was teased in the premiere. He and Abishola are still technically married. He has a new wife in Nigeria. However, he has the luxury of marrying as many women as he wants. He still wants to dictate the happiness that Abishola and Dele can have as well. He knows how to impress her family. It's even enough for Abishola to delay asking him for a divorce. She wants to impress him as well. She wants to show how well her family is doing in Detroit. It's terrifying when she learns that he is coming to town. He does so because he has found success as a businessman. Nigeria has always been home for him. He wants his family to reunite there. He believes Abishola denied that offer the first time because he couldn't provide for her and their son. And now, he sees no obstacle standing in his way of bringing her back with him. He sees it as inevitable. They are married and he will never grant her a divorce. As such, it's simply better for her to go along and accept this as the happiness that she deserves. Bob is absolutely terrified about all of this as well. He has become a major part of her life. He wants her to react a certain way. That will only encourage the development of their relationship further. But he is also worried because he isn't in control. He is simply alone at his house waiting for any news about this grand reunion. He fears the worst. He believes that he has to get involved to ensure he doesn't lose her again. He can't be patient as she grapples with this offer. Of course, that's what she wants from him. She is annoyed when he doesn't honor her wishes. But he also gives her the exact guidance to make a firm decision. Him giving her that space showcases just how healthy and strong their relationship actually is. They are still learning so much about each other. Bob still makes mistakes. Their cultures clash. Bob's family has incredibly different expectations of life than Abishola's. Bob has accepted however much intimacy Abishola is willing to give at any moment. She shows that off in her own unique way as well. He is proud of that. He cherishes it. He also sees the life she has built in America with Dele. This is the life she is proud of. It's not fair to ask her to abandon it now. She wants Tayo to see how well his family is doing because they chose to stay in this country. And yet, he still views himself as a good husband and father. He can simply command how others should live their lives. It's crushing and brutal. His refusal to accept her rejection and need for a divorce is the big obstacle that Abishola and Bob will now have to face. Again, it's a crucial development that highlights their strength and devotion. It still may be an uphill battle. Abishola making this demand goes against what her culture largely upholds. Bob doesn't understand the full extent of that. He still shows the right respect and perspective to help Abishola in this moment. Tayo may always be a part of their lives though. His relationship with Dele may be the extent of it. In that regard, it will be totally dependent on how his son feels. Right now, the conflict is largely between Bob, Abishola and Tayo. The extent of their actions won't be felt entirely by them in the end though. They have to be careful. But again, the bright glow of this relationship still beams even with this new uncertainty that threatens it.