Monday, January 25, 2021

REVIEW: 'Bob Hearts Abishola' - Bob and Abishola Are Willing to Sacrifice Everything to Be Together in 'Honest Yak Prices'

CBS' Bob Hearts Abishola - Episode 2.08 "Honest Yak Prices"

With Abishola's husband adamant that he'll never agree to a divorce, Bob and Abishola grow disheartened that they will never be able to get married.

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"Honest Yak Prices" was directed by Beth McCarthy-Miller with story by Al Higgins, Matt Ross & Ibet Inyang and teleplay by Gina Yashere, Nathan Chetty & Gloria Bigelow

Family is very important to both Bob and Abishola. Of course, they have very different expectations and morals when it pertains to family. For Bob, his family largely consists of people he has to put up with and tolerate. He cares for Dottie. He supports Douglas and Christina. He feels those obligations. He doesn't seek his value and approval from them though. Meanwhile, Abishola grew up having to always respect her elders. She hopes to instill the right values in her son. She doesn't want to bring any kind of shame to her family. That is important to her. She wants to be perceived as honorable. Her standing in society makes her fear a life of not being as happy as she should be. People project the idea that Abishola and Tayo are happy together. They can be a family once more. It's easier to buy into that narrative because they are still married. It doesn't matter that he has been absent from her life for eight years. He is still entitled to her. The idea of family is powerful and persuasive. Abishola regrets rushing into this marriage. It has caused her plenty of heartbreak and pain. And now, Tayo is standing in the way of her being happy with Bob. She wants to marry him. She knows that is important to him. They are willing to accept that it doesn't need to happen. They can choose to be happy regardless. Love is actually present between them though. Bob's family is willing to fight for them because they see just how happy he has been over the past year. They don't want anything to jeopardize that. Of course, they don't know how to actually fight for this romance. They essentially only know how to do things the amoral and illegal way. Goodwin and Kofo are terrified by the suggestions the Wheeler family has about what they can do to make things right for Bob and Abishola. It's easy for Christina to take morality out of the equation. She is more than fine destroying Abishola's life and connection to her family because it will allow Bob to be happy. That is the priority for all of them. Their hearts are in the right place. But again, they just don't know how to fight for this couple in a way that honors both of them. Instead, that burden is placed on Olu and Tunde. They also fall in with the belief that Tayo can be an honorable husband for Abishola once more. They understand the significance of him showing up and fighting for his family now. They are charmed by him. But they have been a part of Bob's life now as well. They see Bob and Abishola as a couple. That happiness and love is on full display. They are willing to make sacrifices for each other. That makes Olu and Tunde emotional. They have to intervene. They are the only people who can make Tayo change his mind. Bob can't intimidate him. He doesn't know the right way to get Tayo to walk away. In fact, he may only dig his heels in further. He will fight because he feels entitled to Abishola's happiness even though she left him behind years ago. Abishola has moved on with her life and is better for it. He presents a claim to Dele to explain why he needs to be a part of their lives. Dele doesn't understand his father though. It's important to honor and respect what makes others feel good. Bob attends church with Abishola's family. He knows its importance even though he doesn't believe in the same way. Pastor Balogun doesn't fight for him either despite seeing the commitment he has made. All it takes is Tayo being called a petulant child by Olu and Tunde for him to run away once more. He doesn't do so reflecting on the damage his actions have caused. He still has to assert himself in the end as a man strong in his culture. But he also grants Abishola the divorce she wants. It's a celebratory moment. One that ensures Bob and Abishola won't have to sacrifice what they want in order to be happy. They were willing to make that sacrifice. Olu and Tunde recognizing that invigorated them enough to fight in the noble and moral way. They don't need the praise and recognition either. They simply believe in this love and want it to flourish even more. The wedding between Bob and Abishola can be exactly as they have pictured it. The preparations can begin in earnest even though Tayo won't be the only obstacle they have to overcome before walking down the aisle.