Wednesday, January 27, 2021

REVIEW: 'Nancy Drew' - The Drew Crew Track Down Clues About the Prior Victims of the Aglaeca in 'The Reunion of Lost Souls'

The CW's Nancy Drew - Episode 2.02 "The Reunion of Lost Souls"

Nancy and the Drew Crew continue to search for clues to battle the Aglaeca. Meanwhile, George has an unfortunate first encounter with Nick's visiting mother. Lastly, Carson and Ace have a heart-to-heart.

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"The Reunion of Lost Souls" was written by Andrea Thornton Bolden and directed by Ed Sanchez

The Drew Crew have had innocuous interactions with ghosts for the past year. That shouldn't exactly be a shocking statement. The various characters have been haunted by numerous supernatural figures. That has been a part of the basic premise of the show. Nancy started looking into Lucy Sable's death because her ghost was haunting her. This episode just proves that some of the more innocent interactions have also been with these spirits. That could make the audience fundamentally question everything in this world. Anyone could now present as a figure from the great beyond looking for peace after tragedy previously struck them. The spirits certainly seem attracted to the Drew Crew. That may be happening with more frequency because the spirit world has become aware that these young adults are capable of finding them some peace. Of course, the storytelling connects it all to the mystery of the Aglaeca. The ghosts that the Drew Crew have seen are all the previous victims of this curse. This is what happens when the toll isn't payed. By the end of the episode, Nancy and her friends realize they only have three more dies before the Aglaeca kills all of them. That adds urgency to the narrative. It also sets a firm countdown. The passage of time has been a little wonky in this world. It hasn't yet been a week since Nancy and her friends first called out to the Aglaeca. A lot has happened in such a compressed time frame. It's certainly not enough time for any meaningful kind of self-reflection. The season premiere offered some semblance of that though. Nancy feared that she was always pulling her loved ones into dangerous situations without any concern about the potential consequences. They could all die because they needed to help her find answers about Lucy. Nancy received that clarity. And now, she is estranged from her father. Carson is living out of his office. Ace is intrigued to hear his side of the story as well. He helps Nancy accept that she may not have the time to carry this animosity towards the man who lied to her for her entire life. She can't bring herself to talk with him quite yet. In fact, parental drama informs more than just Nancy's story here. Nick's mother is also in town. She wants him to return home to Florida so that she can have the peace and comfort of him being nearby. She only wants to associate bad things happening to Nick in Maine. It doesn't make sense for him to stay. And yes, it certainly is dangerous for him in this town. However, his bonds help forge more of an identity and path forward for him here. And so, he feels compelled to stay. He and his mother are at peace with that by the conclusion of this hour. Moreover, George manages to impress Millie and earn her respect simply by showing her viciousness. Nick's life is in danger because of a vengeful spirit. One who was previously killed by the Aglaeca. Time is running out for the Drew Crew. They believe they have found someone who survived the previous time that a deal was made with the sea creature. That may point them to hope for a better outcome for all of them. It's also clear how so much of their lives have seemingly been defined by making this deal. Some of these ghosts haunted their lives before they summoned the Aglaeca though. Again, that may have been nothing more than teases about the overall spooky and eeriness of Horseshoe Bay. Or it could also signal how the Drew Crew was fated to make this potentially destructive decision. They are searching for clues. Their lives connect back to the grand tragedies of this town. That too defines what they are expected to be. They have roles to play in this specific community. The parallels are being drawn and experienced. Knowledge of the past may ensure that the mistakes aren't repeated. However, it's only being tested at the moment through the Drew Crew's convictions to stay alive. It seems likely they'll find a way to appease the Aglaeca. This experience should still reveal new things about each of them as well. At the moment, it's clear the mystery is driving more of the story than the genuine concern for their lives. That makes it feel like a foregone conclusion that everyone will be fine. That isn't certain. That prevents the stakes from feeling legitimately high. The consequences should be significant. That doesn't ensure that the supernatural forces will leave them alone either. This town is complicated and so is its connection to the spirit world.