Wednesday, January 6, 2021

REVIEW: 'The Expanse' - Amos Begins to Feel the Cost of Being So Far Away from the Rest of the Rocinante Crew in 'Tribes'

Amazon's The Expanse - Episode 5.06 "Tribes"

Holden and the Roci go on the hunt. Amos and Clarissa seek shelter on a devastated Earth. Bobbie and Alex fight a desperate battle. Marco makes Drummer an offer she can't refuse. Avasarala returns to a position of power.

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"Tribes" was written by Hallie Lambert and directed by Jeff Woolnough

The people in our lives are incredibly influential to our psychological development. Filip's perception and support of his father has never been changed. He has been raised in the culture of the OPA. The Belt has to fight back against the forces of this universe that have oppressed them for generations. Marco is the only one willing to take action. He is not just full of promises like all the former leaders of this movement. It's vital to eliminate these threats to show that swift and decisive action can radically change the world. Filip is still by his father's side as well. However, he yearns for a better understanding of his mother. He still feels betrayed by her. It's more than just a personal betrayal as well. Her actions go against the cause of her people. She is a threat to the action that he has always believed to be necessary. She has had her own adventures though with her own crew. She has made an impact on this universe too. She has stories to share. She has a perspective that forces an awakening in her son. Sure, it's still a little forced. The narrative is suggesting that he has a desire to hear about the life she has lived. Marco is furious about that growing intimacy because he cannot allow others to diverge from the ideals he has set for the system. People want to believe that they have choices in this matter. They don't. When Drummer finally meets with Marco, it's under the assumption that he'll let her crew fly away if they decide not to join the Free Army. That's never going to happen though. Marco has already unified many factions of the Belt with his impressive armada. He has killed millions on Earth and Mars. Going against him over legitimate fears about the consequences of his actions can't be a narrative that is allowed to spread far and wide. Drummer's crew believes that Earth won't care that they aren't aligned with him. They hate him just as much as they do. The personal loss they have experienced is key in their motivations as well. They hope that nuance can be understood and respected. They fear that it won't because hatred spreads so rapidly. It's all about the tribalism that now defines the world. That's how Amos sees it as he and Clarissa travel a demolished Earth. The world is smaller. It's less reliable. As such, people are forging bonds in the sole name of survival. The leadership structure of the world is gone. The new leader of the United Nations is off planet. He isn't a politician. He has Avasarala to help guide him. And yet, she is distraught over the uncertainty of her husband's fate. She doesn't know if Arjun is still alive. That's where her focus is at the moment. She knew this attack was coming. She tried her best to warn her government and help mitigate the damage. A difference was made. The damage was still done though. And now, people are turning on each other. In some corners of the world, that has made them more trusting. Holden needs a crew in order to captain a mission with the Rocinante. Monica seeks safety aboard the ship. That's not a guarantee anymore on Tycho. Threats can come from anywhere. Surprises could be just around the corner. It's now haunting that Holden is just discovering the message Naomi left behind for him. That could signal that so many prepare for the worst. Any action could lead to destruction. Many have the skills to survive. How they do so still determines what kind of people they are. Alex and Bobbie celebrate when they destroy the ship that targets them. It's a massive victory. However, Amos kills a man simply because he has the supplies necessary for him and Clarissa to make it back to Baltimore. Amos saw it as the only way. He made peace with that. He doesn't see anything wrong with feeling no remorse. Clarissa disagrees with that statement. She is terrified. She hopes that means she isn't a monster. But she is still reckoning with the damage she has done along the way. When Amos questions that as well, he assumes he just needs to get back to his friends on the Rocinante. They will always steer him on the right path. They have done so for a long time now. And yet, it's not just important for a person to have morals because of the people around them. It's also just as necessary to acknowledge the right thing in these personal moments as well. It's difficult. It highlights the struggles of being a hero. People constantly worry about being perceived as good. Marco is the ultimate villain at the moment. He accepts a certain amount of suffering in order to offer change. He sees no alternative. That isn't true. He has eliminated the choice from so many though. That creates lasting damage. That is felt all across the universe. Meanwhile, the individual choices of everyone else leave them wondering if they are still making the right decisions now that they are in these new positions in life.