Friday, February 5, 2021

Development News - Taran Killam Joins 'Welcome to Georgia'; Mira Sorvino to Co-Star on 'Shining Vale'; Plus 1 More Update!

Development News - February 5, 2021

CBS' Welcome to Georgia; Hulu's Punk Ass Bitch; and Starz's Shining Vale.

  • Taran Killam has joined the cast of the comedy pilot starring Hannah Simone and Elizabeth Hurley. He previously starred for six seasons in NBC's Saturday Night Live and two seasons in ABC's Single Parents.
  • He will play Josh, Penelope's (Simone) husband, father to their toddler son, and an airline pilot who loves his job. He is a bit more tolerant of Penelope's mother, Georgia (Hurley), and tends to cut her more slack.
  • Mira Sorvino and Merrin Dungey will co-star on the comedy pilot starring Courteney Cox and Greg Kinnear. Sorvino starred in the first season of Epix's Condor and has recently recurred on Netflix's Hollywood. Dungey starred for two seasons in ABC's Alias and will recur on the upcoming final season of Netflix's Lucifer.
  • Sorvino will play Rosemary, who is either Pat's (Cox) alter ego, a split personality, her id, her muse, or a demon trying to possess her. Sometimes playful, sometimes evil, often tragic, she has been roaming the halls of Pat's new house for 70 years, searching for a vulnerable soul to live vicariously through. She sees in Pat a kindred spirit: Like Pat, she was unfulfilled in her role as a dutiful housewife - and as a result, she may or may not have slaughtered her entire family, straightened up the house, then took her own life in the bathtub that Pat now uses to relax. In any case, Rosemary promises to help Pat get her groove back and finish her novel, if Pat will simply agree to let Rosemary "come inside her," a bargain that may haunt Pat forever.
  • Dungey will play Kam, Pat's oldest friend and book editor, a no-bulls**t straight talker who knows and loves Pat more than Pat does herself. She has been with Pat through the highs of Pat selling her first novel to the lows of everything that has happened since. She is the one person Pat can rely on for tough love, but Kam is running out of patience. If Pat does not give Kam a book she can sell, then Kam will have no choice but to leave her - this time for good.
  • PUNK ASS BITCH (Comedy, Single Camera) - Starring comedian Chris Estrada. Written by Estrada and Corporate creators Jake Weisman, Matt Ingebretson and Pat Bishop. Directed by Bishop. Executive produced by Estrada, Weisman, Ingebretson, Bishop, Fred Armisen and Jonathan Groff. Produced by ABC Signature. Logline: Julio Lopez (Estrada), a punk-ass bitch with a heart of gold, goes out of his way to help everyone but himself. The series explores Julio's attempts to better his community, overcome his codependency issues with his family and navigate working class life in South Central Los Angeles.