Sunday, February 21, 2021

REVIEW: 'The Great North' - Wolf Plots a Grand Romantic Gesture for His Anniversary with Honeybee in 'Avocado Barter Adventure'

FOX's The Great North - Episode 1.03 "Avocado Barter Adventure"

Wolf tries to find the perfect six-month anniversary gift for Honeybee. Meanwhile, Judy interviews Honeybee for the school newspaper and learns about her thrilling early years in Fresno.

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"Avocado Barter Adventure" was written by Gabe Delahaye and directed by Will Strode

Wolf and Honeybee actually have a sweet and very loving relationship. This episode delves into the story of how they met. They are celebrating their six-month anniversary. It's still early in their relationship. However, it's already clear to them that they are perfect together. That was how they were established as characters in this world. Honeybee is the newcomer to the Alaskan environment. As such, it's typical for her to be the one asking questions about living here. She is naturally curious. She dreamed about escaping her typical life in Fresno. Wolf gave her the opportunity to do so. They talked online before they met in person. They both took a leap of faith in deciding to meet each other hoping that their connection in real life would be just as magical as it was virtually. It was complete fireworks for both of them. It's a romance that is worth celebrating. It's not just what the audience has to accept because that's how the show wants to function. This episode makes these feelings genuine. The viewer should be a huge supporter of this couple now. Sure, this episode does feel a little expositional with all of these details it needs to share about them. And yet, it works seamlessly because of all that Wolf is doing to secure a couple avocados for the party. Honeybee's side of the story is simple. She is sitting down with Judy and telling her life story. Her parents had certain expectations for her. They essentially had mapped out the life she could live. They were deciding what her dreams could be. They had achieved theirs and couldn't believe that someone in their family could feel otherwise. Honeybee didn't want to take over the family curtain business either. She also didn't appreciate the pressure of accepting that as her reality when her parents aren't going to die anytime soon. She wants the opportunity to explore. She wants to fall in love. She doesn't want to settle for the man she has known her entire life who doesn't understand her worldview. Wolf and Honeybee see the world so similarly. They stand out in their respective families as well. Beef and Ham are completely useless when it comes to designing a party with the movie Shrek as the theme. Every single reference is off. That doesn't completely derail the event though. It's the sentiment that counts. This entire family rallies around this couple and lifts them up as best they can. Everyone is willing to pitch in to help secure Wolf's dreams of giving Honeybee the special anniversary that she deserves. Again, it's very sweet. Plus, the humor only continues to grow more confident. It's simply fun to see the barter chain that Wolf and Moon build as they hope to secure the avocados. The peak of that joke comes with the randomness of a defibrillator thrown in. Wolf does freak out for a moment. He worries if he is making the same mistakes he did in previous relationships. And yet, the narrative shows that Honeybee loves him for exactly who he is. Wolf feels the exact same way about her. He feels disappointed he can't make guacamole on this specific day. That is promised in their future though. They will have a future together as well. This grand romantic gesture doesn't go off perfectly. It will be delayed. Honeybee appreciates the effort though. She wants these surprises. It makes her life exciting and unexpected. Her world has only expanded further because she has moved to Alaska. This life is welcoming to her. It could have made her realize just how confining and small the world can actually be. With Wolf by her side though, the world is full of limitless love and adventure. That's what romance should be. The show puts in all of this hard work now that will only make future character developments more rewarding. That is a huge goal to achieve in the early episodes of any new series. This show does exactly that with so much confidence. It offers an understanding that the audience needs to invest in all of these characters in order to tell fulfilling stories about all of them. Now, Wolf and Honeybee's love can inform their actions in everything that they do moving forward. The audience will react to that knowing that it is all built on a genuine understanding that they create fireworks when they are together. This is the best relationship they could have ever asked for. And now, it can only continue to grow more loving, comfortable and rewarding.