Tuesday, February 16, 2021

REVIEW: 'The Resident' - Chastain Transitions to a Public Hospital by Adding a Few New Doctors in 'Requiems & Revivals'

FOX's The Resident - Episode 4.06 "Requiems & Revivals"

As Nic struggles with her recovery, her close friend and former Chastain colleague, Billie, comes back to the hospital to support her. As the hospital transitions from private to public, the search begins for a new CEO. Bell asks a favor of his step-son. Devon sees an opportunity to fix the system.

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"Requiems & Revivals" was written by Michael Notarile & Emily Pressley and directed by Leslie Libman

Everyone was worried about Nic after she was stabbed. They were also concerned about Chastain shutting down as a result of Red Rock selling the land. And now, the staff are adjusting to the new status quo. Nic is still a patient in the hospital. She hasn't gotten up from her room. She is still in danger of developing complications as well. Meanwhile, the hospital has transitioned into being a public facility. The new Governor is meeting with candidates to become the new CEO. It's a position that eventually gets handed to Kitt. That is a very promising development. It comes on top of an engaging story where she fights on behalf of her patient and is an advocate for her fellow doctors. She knows exactly what this hospital needs. She knows when to lead as an innovator and how to get the job done to protect everyone involved. Again, she seems like the perfect candidate. She has always been overlooked. That came as an extension of her gender. That bias exists in the world and is crushing to so many women who are capable of leading businesses into the future. It's because of Kitt's leadership that Jake is convinced to join the Chastain staff. Things continue to be tense between him and Bell. The lure of a surgery is enough. Bell is in awe of what his former stepson can accomplish in the operating room as well. Both he and the governor see their colleagues in a new light. They are capable of doing great things. They also recognize it in others. That is a very crucial aspect of leadership. As such, it seems like the show is finally setting the hospital up for success. Of course, that clashes with the reality down in the emergency room. They are swamped. The waiting room is full of patients. Devon is told that he can't spend too much time with any individual. He has to keep moving because the hospital has a greater service to the entire community. Devon goes the extra mile to ensure one man doesn't have to needlessly suffer anymore. He changes a life because he takes the time to notice that he has been misdiagnosed. He helps. It's transformative. Feldman is annoyed for a moment. He notices that Devon isn't following the new protocol. Feldman is in charge of handling this transition. It's going to be tough. And yet, he too recognizes that Devon made a significant point. They have to find a way to manage all of these expectations. They want to improve the system. They don't want to become the latest victims of it. None of this is going to be changed during one shift. It takes big thinking to put proposals on the table though. Devon and Feldman feel that excitement while going on to see their next patients. They are constantly thinking about ways to make things better for the patients. Conrad can relate to that. He brings Billie back to Chastain solely because Nic needs that friendship now in order to recover. Billie presents as an advocate for Nic who can speak on her behalf in an impartial way. Conrad is annoyed because he sees Billie as a rule-breaker. She knows he is the exact same way. Moreover, she has grown in the three years since she was removed from Chastain. Her career has been destroyed by that one mistake. She has tried to mend some fences. She does eventually win Conrad over. The show simply makes the audience get on her side by positioning Conrad as a jerk who believes he is the only person in the world who can possibly understand what is good for Nic. Billie's perspective may be questionable as well because the audience hasn't experienced this particular friendship with Nic before. However, it is promising. She will be sticking around as well. Her introduction is forced with a lot of broad details about how she used to fit into this space. It seems like only a matter of time before she does so again. There needs to be relevance with that concept. Right now, the writing is on the wall. The show has to innovate to prove that it can surprise with the new additions to this world. It can't simply offer what everyone expects and hopes that's enough to keep them coming back for more. In fact, it's better when Conrad and Billie actually start working as a team again. That provides Nic with the precise care that allows her to transition back home with the pregnancy still viable. Hopefully, the pregnancy develops more smoothly from now on. That seems unlikely given the volatility of her thyroid levels though.