Friday, February 12, 2021

REVIEW: 'WandaVision' - Wanda Hopes Her Kids Have Fun with Pietro During Halloween in 'All-New Halloween Spooktacular!'

Disney+'s WandaVision - Episode 1.06 "All-New Halloween Spooktacular!"

Disturbances on Halloween separate Wanda from Vision, who looks into anomalous activity in Westview.

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"All-New Halloween Spooktacular!" was written by Chuck Hayward & Peter Cameron and directed by Matt Shakman

Wanda doesn't remember how all of this started. However, she has the power to expand the Hex to consume even more of the surrounding reality. She has the luxury of leaving as well without suffering any consequences whatsoever. Many people trapped in this world are in pure agony. They are desperately fighting to leave. This experience is changing them significantly as well. Darcy uncovers the results of Monica's blood work. She acknowledges that her cells are being altered on a molecular level. That doesn't dampen Monica's conviction to help Wanda. That's a mission she is completely committed to. Monica and Jimmy Woo will now try to do that as rogue agents. Director Hayward forces them out as soon as they question his leadership. He sees the situation as a terrorist attack. There is no point in trying to negotiate with Wanda. Her powers will only endanger more lives. As such, S.W.O.R.D. has to act more boldly than ever before. The narrative also reveals that he has been keeping secrets from the team. The current understanding of the Hex largely comes from the discoveries that Monica, Darcy and Woo have made as a team. They are willing to look beyond the visuals of this altered state and address the difficult and complicated emotions underneath. Doing so only further triggers Wanda though. She is concerned about Vision. He is lying to her. He further investigates Westview. He questioned why there were no other children in the neighborhood previously. And now, dozens of them appear in time for Halloween. It's all rather convenient. The time jumps essentially prove just how much effort is necessary in the pursuit of maintaining this reality. The frequency of them has the effect of breaking the illusion though. It's a near constant state of change. Nothing lasts long. Nothing actually holds any relevance. In fact, the people trapped in this world are only in motion when Wanda and her loved ones are in close proximity. Otherwise, they are paralyzed with no purpose to the story she is telling. This reality is all about her family. It's the creation of a picture perfect life that could happen. It is still a lot of fun especially with the various homages to television from the past. This episode takes inspiration from Malcolm in the Middle. However, there is only so much further this world can go in terms of the timeline. It is going to come crashing into the present day fairly quickly. And yes, quality television is still happening at the moment. This show can still pick apart the tropes that define this particular era. That will likely be a pivotal turning point for this series. It is coming quickly. This episode also concludes with the fact that more of the world is entering Westview. When Vision is in danger of dying once more when he tries to leave, Wanda expands the border. More people are pulled in - including Darcy before she can share what she discovers about Hayward with Monica and Woo. That's lame and boring. It creates a mystery that is delayed for a little bit. That sets up expectations that will need to deliver. Hayward manages to escape as well. His team is diminished. People on the inside sometimes have the power to break free of the spell. It's still difficult though. And again, there is no certainty that they will recall exactly what happened before they became apart of Wanda's Westview. Vision doesn't remember his death. Agnes can share that news. She hopes he can save all of the town's citizens. She clearly has more drive to escape as well. She is still a mystery too even though Vision sees her personality outside this forced script. Pietro operates in a similar way. He is aware of the reality Wanda has created. He challenges her about it. He is dead as well. Wanda faces that gruesome reminder the moment she starts to analyze what happened to her to arrive at this moment. That still feels incredibly telling about the power of grief and how transformative it can be. Pietro is still the only citizen whose appearance has altered from what he was like in the previous world. That is notable too. He comes across as the comic foil here. He's the troublemaker meant to create tension. He serves that role. Wanda can overpower him to preserve this reality. She has some awareness of what's happening and what needs to be done to maintain it. Westview growing further cements the danger this can have on the world at large. That will further increase the tension and the desire to stop Wanda before she consumes much more. She holds onto her loved ones so tightly. It's a comforting life for her. It's also doing a lot of damage to so many people who may be altered permanently because of this entire experience.