Sunday, March 21, 2021

REVIEW: 'Batwoman' - Ryan, Alice, Jacob and Sophie Descend on Coryana to Rescue Kate from Safiyah in 'Survived Much Worse'

The CW's Batwoman - Episode 2.08 "Survived Much Worse"

Batwoman's abilities are tested like never before, while Alice's search for Kate continues. Sophie and Jacob set their sights on Coryana. Luke and Mary contend with an unexpected guest.

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"Survived Much Worse" was written by Natalie Abrams and directed by Holly Dale

Kate Kane is dead. No one wanted to believe that following the plane crash. However, Julia returns with the DNA evidence to prove it. It's one of the devastating reveals that occurs here. This episode confirms that Safiyah has long been manipulating this grief to disrupt the desires felt by the other characters. It placed her in conflict with the people from Gotham. The threats have finally arrived on Coryana. She and her army have prepared for this. She never had Kate in her custody though. That was all a ruse. She had to keep these threats interested so that she could control the narrative that she was spinning. It makes her an impeccable and precise villain. One who doesn't react recklessly. That is a problem elsewhere. Safiyah always remains level-headed. Her emotions never distract her. She certainly felt betrayed by Alice and Ocean. That cut deep because of her own personal feelings. She was more than willing to leave them as part of her past though. They wouldn't stay in that position though. Someone else provoked the situation. She took advantage of this convenient opportunity. It hopefully inspires a way to prove to her brother that loyalty to her is more meaningful than any other relationship he can possibly have in the world. Alice will kill him if it means reuniting with her sister. That is the priority. Any lingering feelings she has for him pales in comparison. Alice also realizes that she doesn't want to kill Kate. She has been steadfast in that pursuit though because those were the only emotions she allowed herself to feel. She couldn't grieve this loss. It would disrupt the story that she has long played out in her head. It was impossible that someone else killed Kate. That appears to be what happened though. She is desperate to have her sister back. That's the reality she wants to accept. And in the end, she reacts with pure rage upon discovering Safiyah's deception. It was all a trick in order to prove a point. It was a mistake to betray Safiyah. The emotions involved in that decision don't ultimately mean anything either. The love between Alice and Ocean is meaningless. Their relationship hasn't altered their perspectives on the world. That becomes glaringly obvious at this point. Alice is still full of rage. She attacks the one thing that brings purpose and love to Safiyah's life. She sets the fields ablaze where the Desert Rose grows. This miracle cure has been cultivated on this ground for generations. And now, it is eliminated. Alice has that power. Meanwhile, Ryan comes to accept that death is coming for her. She saw purpose in ensuring that Kate was rescued from this place. She fears that this sacrifice won't have any meaning. She simply doesn't want to die alone. Fortunately, Sophie is present to provide that brief moment of comfort. It's a sweet, genuine moment as well. One where they can put aside any differences they have. They both wanted to save Kate. They fail in that mission. They finally have to accept the truth. Kate is gone. However, that isn't true either. The final moment reveals that Kate is severely injured and held prisoner underneath Gotham. She is still alive. The show confirms that at the precise moment when everyone else is willing to accept this massive loss. Ryan will live. The plant she has protected for months actually turns out to be the Desert Rose. That is certainly convenient. But it also creates hope for the future. Batwoman isn't dying. She is pushed to the brink of death. She survives. Both iterations of the hero do. Ryan will continue to protect Gotham. Meanwhile, Kate is still trapped. She faces an uncertain future. One where her family and loved ones are moving on without her. They have been incredibly reluctant to do so. Now, they will have to do exactly that. They can't deny the evidence Julia presents them. And yet, that too parallels what happened with Alice all those years ago. One person found a DNA match. That was propped up as the unequivocal evidence for Beth's death. That wasn't the full story. It isn't here either. The show needed to provide these stunning moments now. It certainly delivered on them. That hopefully creates a reinvigorated story moving forward. One where each person will have to seek out reinvention of some kind. Obviously, Safiyah will be the most dangerous wild card. However, everyone has lost something that was crucially important to them. That tragedy will be felt more acutely than it ever was at the start of the season. The Bat team believes they have answers now. That can bring them comfort. It means adjustments will be made. Ryan will continue as Batwoman. That is the story that awaits Gotham. But again, it will be prone to disruption because many corrupt forces in the world are completely willing to use these deceptions to alter what others believe to be true. That can grow exhausting and uninspired. The show hasn't hit that point though. It's just as engaging now with these twists as ever before.