Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Development News - Shawn Vance, Bruce Campbell and Wendie Malick to Star in ABC's 'Adopted'; Plus 2 More Updates!

Development News - March 10, 2021

ABC's Adopted & Queens; and HBO Max's The Gorita Chronicles.

  • Taylor Sele will co-star on the drama pilot starring Eve, Brandy, Naturi Naughton, Nadine Velazquez and Pepi Sonuga. He has previously recurred on HBO's The Deuce and Starz's P-Valley.
  • He will play Eric Jones. In the late 90s, he struck gold when the group he managed, the Nasty Bitches, reached the pinnacle of hip-hop. A Queens hustler through and through, he is always looking for how to secure his next bag, and he's really good at it. A handsome playboy with a magnetic smile, Eric's dalliances with women were partly to blame for the Nasty Bitches' break up. Today, Eric remains one of the top music managers in the business, representing hip-hop's current "it girl," Lil Muffin (Sonuga). But Eric is in the throes of a mid-life crisis as he takes stock of his life, past mistakes and the woman that got away. Driven by nostalgia, he sets the wheels in motion for the Nasty Bitches' reunion. The question is: will he find what he's looking for?
  • Following an extensive casting search, newcomer Olivia Goncalves will play the lead role in the comedy pilot written by Claudia Forestieri.
  • She will play Carlota "Cucu" Castelli, a willful 12-year-old Dominican immigrant with a heart of gold. She leaves her home and her parochial school in Santo Domingo to live in Miami and pursue the American Dream during the hedonistic 1980s when her father, a marketing executive with a large airline, gets transferred there. Cucu meets head-on the challenges of being an immigrant in a strange new world with humor, bravado and some really bad choices.
  • Shawn Vance, Bruce Campbell, Wendie Malick, Maxim Swinton, Tate Moore, Sofia Pernas and Reyn Doi will star in the comedy pilot written by Vance, Daril Fannin and Jimmy Kimmel. Campbell previously starred for seven seasons in USA's Burn Notice and three seasons in Starz's Ash vs. Evil Dead. Malick starred for six seasons in TV Land's Hot in Cleveland. Swinton has guest starred on CBS' Bull, NBC's The Blacklist and AMC's NOS4A2. Moore appeared in the 2020 film Beautiful Dreamer. Pernas currently stars in CBS' Blood & Treasure, which returns for its second season later this year. Doi appeared in the 2021 film Barb & Star Go to Vista Del Mar.
  • Vance will play Shawn Voss. Overconfident like his father and anxious like his mother, he is fresh out of the US Army Special Forces and struggling to adapt to civilian life. He believes that anything worth doing is worth over-doing, including his role as Daniel's mentor. Shawn loves to take a military "tough love" approach to life, and often goes too far with his criticisms, even if he has the best of intentions.
  • Campbell will play John Voss, Shawn's dad. Goofy, optimistic, carefree and conservative, he is a red-blooded, all-American, business owner who hates negative thoughts... so he doesn't have 'em! He's as out-of-touch as he is unaware, but makes up for it with his jolly nature. His greatest fear is interpersonal conflict, and now that the house is full of kids, conflict is inevitable.
  • Malick will play Michelle Voss, Shawn's mother. An empathetic, overly-attentive, good Christian mother who believes in her kids as much as she worries about them. She couldn't be happier to have adopted her new Russian son, but is also realizing she doesn't have the same pep in her parental step... and just may need something she's never needed before: the help of her family.
  • Swinton will play Daniel Voss, a recent adoptee from Russia. He is socially unaware, naive for his age and speaks heavily accented English. On the one hand, he's the sweetest kid you'll ever meet. On the other, he has suffered a lot of trauma in his young life and runs primarily on raw emotion. He has high highs and low lows, but his earnest eagerness to connect with his new home and family is impossible to resist.
  • Moore will play Chelsea Voss. Despite being a budding social media influencer, she's the hippest and smartest person in the house. Born with a host of health problems, she's had to overcome a lot, but like her bio says, she is not defined by her struggles! At her core, she's a good person who's doing her best to love her family and guide them towards "enlightenment." But at the same time, it's a tough job and she's pretty busy with TikTok.
  • Pernas will play Dr. Zora, an adoption specialist, Daniel's homeroom teacher and the apple of Shawn's eye. She is as intelligent as she is charming. Accustomed to being fawned over and a black-belt in flirt-jitsu, she easily dismantles Shawn's advances with a smile. She keeps her cool when others don't and provides a voice of reason in an otherwise chaotic world.
  • Doi will play Thumper, a happy-go-lucky adoptee and Daniel's best friend. His nickname is derived from the term "Bible thumper." His two favorite things are girls and God, and puberty is making it difficult to stay on the straight and narrow Jesus prescribed.