Saturday, March 13, 2021

REVIEW: 'Grey's Anatomy' - Death Looms as DeLuca Fights for His Life After Getting Stabbed in 'Helplessly Hoping'

ABC's Grey's Anatomy - Episode 17.07 "Helplessly Hoping"

Grey's Anatomy picks up where the previous episode of Station 19 left off as both teams tend to a tense situation with so much at stake. Meanwhile, Jo convinces Hayes to bend the rules on a case, and Maggie and Winston reconnect.

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"Helplessly Hoping" was written by Elisabeth R. Finch and directed by Nicole Rubio

Death has loomed over this season. That has largely been a result of the beach limbo Meredith has been in during her battle with COVID-19. It's meant to signify just how precarious this diagnosis is for her. It's ambiguous because patients sometimes require extensive treatment that may work out or could eventually lead to death. It's all-consuming. And yet, no one of note who would shake up the dynamics of the show has died as a result of the pandemic so far. The show has been quite frank in having its main characters test positive. Their journeys with the disease differ as well. Koracick seems to be gaining some perspective as a result of all of this. It allows him to ask for what he truly needs from Teddy. He doesn't need yet another unsure declaration of love. He needs her to admit that she never loved him. She was simply confused and self-destructive. That's what he wants. Even then, she still struggles. She wants to give others what she believes they want. She believes that will be easier. It highlights her overall self-involved tendencies. Of course, Koracick and Owen are mean to her as well. Owen invites her to surgery because he instinctively trusts her as a surgeon. He knows exactly what she is capable of. He has that clarity with her and no one else. Trust still defines their relationship even though he is vicious to her outside of the operating room. They share in tragedy together as well. DeLuca dies in this episode. He succumbs to the injuries he sustained in the most recent episode of Station 19. He has no regrets regarding the actions he took either. As he explains to Meredith, he took decisive action when he saw injustice in the world. He stepped up when too many would rather ignore what is truly happening. He had to earn the trust so that he would be believed again. He succeeded in doing so. People were concerned about him for awhile because of his unstable mental health. He was ultimately nothing like his father though. In fact, Carina has long viewed him as her other half. The person who frequently props her up so that she feels whole. That may signal a sense of emptiness within her once this tragic news hits. She fights for him to survive this ordeal. After the first surgery, she is even given a moment with her brother. In the end though, she is absent when his situation takes a turn for the worse. Owen promises to be there for DeLuca through this dire threat. His injury simply developed complications that no one could have prevented. The hospital staff will always rally when one of their own is in peril. They have saved so many lives. DeLuca saved Richard's life. He is incapable of returning the favor though. Instead, he simply has to keep the rest of the hospital running while also delivering the news to Bailey. She has lost another close person in her life. It's absolutely devastating. Again, it feels like death consumes this world. That hits Levi and Jo particularly hard. Being a fighter may not be enough to ensure better days ahead. Levi fears that the world will never return to normal. He wasted the time when he should have been happy. That's a dark headspace. And yet, the hospital has been a grueling place to be during the pandemic. Even from far away, Amelia and Maggie must face the difficult conversation of telling Zola the truth about what's happening with her mom. It's the responsible thing to do. It's agonizing because so much remains uncertain. Meredith is calm when she sees DeLuca on the beach though. She doesn't panic or question it. She simply understands immediately. Instead, he offers some clarity to her. He may be fighting against time. He still has peace and happiness on the other side of life. That is reassuring as well. It may not be the fate for Meredith at this particular time. It's how DeLuca's story ends though. He passes along while Meredith is still in limbo. The world changes that quickly. As such, it's necessary for everyone in this world to be confident and certain of the decisions that make up who they are. It's still exhausting. They are willing to make that sacrifice though. It's necessary despite how draining it is. It may all be a losing battle. Hope can be on the horizon. This episode doesn't highlight that. It delves into the grim reality of the pandemic and the heinous nature of people who control and manipulate others. DeLuca dies. But he also believes his life mattered in the end. He made a difference. And so, he has no regrets even though he panics and fears what happens next. It's natural and that clarity is absolute.