Wednesday, March 17, 2021

REVIEW: 'Superman & Lois' - Clark and Lois Continue to Clash With Sam While Edge Unearths a Valuable Resource in 'Haywire'

The CW's Superman & Lois - Episode 1.04 "Haywire"

While sitting in the stands at the high school football game, Lois and Chrissy spot fish out of water Morgan Edge conversing with Mayor Dean and Kyle Kushing, and the two see right through this insincere move to try to win over the town. Meanwhile, Clark agrees to help Lois out at a town hall meeting, but things get tense when he finds himself pulled in two different directions. Lastly, Jonathan is having mixed emotions about Jordan's newfound status.

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"Haywire" was written by Michael Narducci and directed by James Bamford

People dismiss Smallville. It's a dying town. No one of any importance would want to live there. As such, it's curious whenever someone with power and influence shows up promising a revitalization. Of course, that's incredibly dismissive to the people who call this place home. It holds a special place in Clark's heart. This is where he and his family are meant to be. They built lives for themselves in Metropolis. They were happy there. They can also be happy in Smallville. The move has been significant. Sam can't rationalize it at all. He doesn't understand. He views it as a dereliction of duty. Superman is the most important person in the world. He has to be accessible to the Department of Defense. He has to have the ability to fly into action at a moment's notice. This move places him elsewhere. It's an adjustment for more than just the family. In fact, Sam begins planning for the inevitability that Superman will no longer be as reliable in service as he once was. He is annoyed by that fact. He believes Superman must always be a hero. He has the ability to save lives. He can't be distracted by anyone. He has to remain focused. This is the life for him. This is all that he is allowed to be. Clark can't also be a responsible and caring husband and father. He has to make that sacrifice. Everyone around him has to acknowledge that. They must respect it. Sam demands it. That's not his decision to make though. That's the way he views this family. Jordan and Jonathan were meant to be kept in the dark about their father's secret. This move is about their parents' searching for some meaning elsewhere. The kids just have to suffer through it. But all of this highlights how Sam only wants to condition himself to one perspective. People challenge that. They confront his demands for how they react. Superman still stops the criminal after he escapes from a prison transport. It's a little bit more precarious. More civilians are put in harm's way. A cost is absolutely apparent based on the decisions made. And yet, Clark is also right to point out that there are always criminals targeting him. It's difficult to prioritize one threat over another. It has frequently come at the expense of his family. That is on display here as well. He makes a promise to Lois. He isn't there for her at the council meeting. Morgan Edge obtains the mineral rights to the town. That deal has been approved. The people of Smallville are eager to approve it because it brings promises of a renewed life once more. That's what they want for this place. They want to obtain the glory of the past again. Meanwhile, Edge has nefarious interests in the land. He seeks the undiscovered X-Kryptonite so that he can create his own army with powers. He only has one by his side. That's not enough. The people of Smallville deal with the consequences of this exposure as well. Jordan thinks his heat vision outburst has transferred powers to a kid who was hurt. He blames himself for that. And yet, it was a combination of the materials already in the ground. That means this kid has to suddenly abandon his life because he has manifested abilities that he doesn't understand. He can't control them. He is sent to a secret program for kids like him. Jordan didn't have to endure that. He continues to have the guidance and acceptance of his parents. The Clark family unit is protected in that way. They have the luxury of understanding what's happening in this world. They aren't the ones dealing with the costs though. In fact, it seems like Edge is already targeting Lana as his next experiment. She is uncomfortable around him and Kyle doesn't notice at all. Their marriage certainly has their loving moments. It has far more struggles though. It's tough. It's hard to balance all of the demands in life. Lana chose to settle for the bank job because she loves Smallville. She is happy. She sees the difference Lois has made in Clark. That's better for everyone. And again, she has that in her own marriage. A sneaking concern still exists though. A regular and normal life may not be a reality for anyone. People have to be aware of the stakes and dangers in the world now. Smallville hasn't escaped that. In fact, it has proven to be the center of one of the major pursuits of power this season. This community must be uplifted and cherished. Too often though, it becomes prey to outside influence with sinister intentions. The locals are unable to mount much of a defense. Clark and Lois can serve as heroes though. That is their calling here. They remain connected through it all. It still takes active work to keep the connection strong, meaningful and trusting between them.