Saturday, March 20, 2021

REVIEW: 'Wynonna Earp' - Waverly Proves the Power of Love Despite Spreading a Seductive Spell in 'Love's All Over'

Syfy's Wynonna Earp - Episode 4.07 "Love's All Over"

Love is in the air as Waverly and Nicole celebrate their engagement with an enchanted evening.

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"Love's All Over" was written by Shelley Scarrow and directed by Paolo Barzman

Everyone loves Waverly. She is such a sweet and charming character. Moreover, her relationship with Nicole is incredibly nuanced and rewarding. It's such an uplifting central romance that defines so much of their lives but doesn't inform every single aspect of their personalities. They have complex dimensions that have evolved over the years as this relationship has grown more intense and genuine. It's solid character development. It was a huge celebration when Waverly and Nicole finally got engaged. It was a long time coming. The show finally provided that moment. The question was asked. The proposal was accepted. It's the happiness needed at the moment. It contrasts significantly with the dour mood Wynonna and Doc are in. Doc operates from the realization that he is always meant to serve as a sidekick. He is very effective in that role. However, he wanted to embark on his own change in the world as well. He believed that Holt could fundamentally change his ways and break free of his family. They no longer had to follow through on the same beliefs that have defined the families for generations. Doc saw that spark. He reached out and was willing to nourish it. Instead, Wynonna killed Holt. It was the simple decision for her to make. She had to eliminate any threat to her family. She couldn't trust anyone with the last name Clanton. That was the information passed along to her. The Earp family has been feuding with the Clantons for generations. It is an unbreakable circle. This is who they are all destined to be. They have to uphold this grudge no matter what. They can't have any internal agency themselves. That's the struggle Cleo has at the moment. She believes her life no longer has direction now that her mother and siblings have been taken from her. Doc reassures her. Again, he serves as an uplifting force in someone else's life. He easily channels that support. He gives it no matter what. That's his version of love. It's not the lust felt by others in this world once they fall victim to a Cupid curse. That too makes complete sense. Doc is loyal. He has always stood firm in his beliefs and how he can help the people in his life. He sees the best. Of course, he may also convince Cleo to continue with her family's legacy. She doesn't need her mother to order her what to do. She is finally free. She can forge her own path. It's one still marred by a quest for vengeance over the sins of the past. That is precarious especially because of how aimless Wynonna is at the moment. This season has seen her adrift because Peacemaker was taken from her. She made the argument that she still needed the gun. Their mission together wasn't finished yet even though her time as the Earp heir has come to a close. Demons still run amok in this world. The Ghost River Triangle still needs protection from these threats. Peacemaker can provide Wynonna with the guidance and power to do something about that. Of course, she places all of her identity on that pursuit. She leads with power once she wields her gun once more. That is comforting to her. It's incredibly alienating to others in her life. It brings her comfort. She can fall back on this identity that has always been able to support her. Her morals have shifted though. The world is changing. Her behavior may no longer be acceptable. People may not always be willing to accept whatever she is willing to do in the name of saving the family. Waverly notes the love and intimacy that is still present between Wynonna and Doc. That may always be there. And yet, Doc still walks away once the spell is removed. They can comfort each other. They can't ignore the pain that is now present. It's easier to walk away instead of confronting the truth. Waverly wants this big family to be happy. Peril still defines their lives though. She can always rely on the love and support she has with Nicole. That remains incredibly strong. They can even change minds as a result of their love too. That is even more inspiring. Nothing is too destructive that can force these two apart. They know how to thrive together while never losing themselves in the process. What they have is meaningful. Everyone else has that uncertainty as life appears to be more adrift without a clear direction of who they should be. Waverly and Nicole are lucky in that regard. They also wish to help those they care about. That too makes them incredibly rewarding and loving people in this world.